Things I wished they’d had told me 😥

Hey there !

As promised, here’s the “Off Topic Sunday” post as I skipped the internationnal blogger meme this week since I already did that prompt earlier as I messed up a bit x)

I’ve saw a few do this kind of post of what life has learned us, that well.. I kinda wish someone would had told me ! I may only be 23years old but damn I saw quite alot, so let me share those with you. Hopefully some younger readers can benefit from what i’ve learned !

PS; they’re not listed in any order, just as they came through my head while writting them

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Chit Chat Thursdays; 200s already ??

Heey guys !!

Yeah, I know, I did one of thoses only two weeks ago – i’m sorry, I wasn’t planning of having this as “religiously” but eeeeh .. I love blabbing 😂 and I have things I wanna share with y’all !!

I’m hoping you love this category of posts as much as I love talking about different things 💗

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Books constantly on my mind..💛

Heey there !

We all have thoses book which we loved SO much that for some reasons, they happen to be constantly thought about – even if you read them several years ago. I’m sure we all have some of thoses !

Thus, i’m gonna open myself up and share some of mine with you ! I will include the goodreads link so you can go check them out & will give a brief description as of why this particular one got so important to me, if I can find words for it ahah ; also, this list doesn’t have a particular order.


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Converse post No. 3 – Bilingual bloggers ✨

Heey there !

It’s been a while since i’ve wrote a conversation post – and so I wanted us to talk about bilingual/multilingual bloggers ! 😉 I know I must not be the only one in here, heheh

If you’re new here, or haven’t had the chance to read my about page or my other social medias; you probably wouldn’t notice that I am a bilingual blogger myself. In fact, my english has been thaught at school since 3rd grade, up until i’ve finished college in 2014. Now you might ask yourself: “well what language does she speaks ??” – let me answer this, I’m a french speaking Canadian 🙂 (yes, we exist – and hors quebec !) 

Outside of my internet life, I speak 95% of it in french – at home, with my dogs .. you get the drill. remaining 5% is at work, mainly, and when I go out and the people working there speaks english to me.

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Internationnal Bookworm Meme – Week 4, fave int. bloggers! 💗

Heey ! 👋

Alright, so yet again we had a little “mess up”, and therefore I had posted Week 3’s prompt ten days earlier … so I jumped the real date, and gave you my post on my Dachshund instead ! Both is linked in case you missed thoses and wanna go back to 🙂

What is it exactly ?

  • We have a discord group of internationnal bloggers; all of us being, you would guess it, in other places in the world other than US. (let me know if you wanna join, i’ll point you to the person to contact)
  • Ayla, from Books and Babbles, decided upon creating a meme for us to participate in and see our point of view for each prompt that you can check on her blog following the link I included.
  • Point to this is to support fellow internationnal bloggers, like us, and she will link each of our post in her original post under the right prompt so it’s all in one place and easy to track !

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Chit chat thursdays ; busy week & new piercing ..

Hello my lovely people !

Nothing too fancy today, please escuses me ! This last week (Feb 18 to 24) was quite busy at work for me 😅 My boss was in vacation so my hours had increased – leaving me only two days off and I didn’t really had much ideas in term of posts… and will leave the tag Camilla @ readers in the attic tagged me on for next week as I had quite alot recently ahah. Gonna give you guys a break :p

So ! let’s have a little chat and see what i’ve been up to !
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