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To accomplish in 2018 ✨


As it’s still the beggining of the year, I just wanna do my little list of what i’d like to accomplish for 2018 :3 I know quite alot of people do it over here but eh, it can get motivationnal right?? Sort of like ” well .. now it’s written down so I have to atleast try my best; people over the internet will be SO let down by me !” XD

As with my 2017 recap of what I learned post, I’ll have two section. Bookish / bloggish and then real life; however I will concentrate most of it for books & blogs.. so reverse of the other one as I didn’t really took any big resolutions nor anything this year.

So, without further blabla from me, here’s my list!

Bookish / Bloggish part;

  • Goodreads & #BeatTheBacklist goal of 12books for the whole year, so about one book a month.
  • I have a review of “in a dark dark wood” by Ruth Ware sitting in my drafts that I actually finish the book… if I could do that and post it by the end of Jan/early february that’d be cool.
  • If I could try atleast one different version than paper (aka audiobooks or ebooks) that’d be nice!! So I could combine more than one at different moment and thus, read more ! 😄
  • Keep posting on here; preferably my usual mondays & thursdays (with an added saturday every two weeks, you will see why later!), but once per week + occasionnal saturday would be good enough
  • I’ve been quite good from July to January; but keeping using my planner until the end !!! (And maybe plan my way for a bullet journal … id so want one!)
  • Keep interacting with bloggers; both on wordpress & the bookcommunity on tumblr.
  • Finding out where to get inspirations for posts and such.. maybe get creative a bit. Also get to test the “conversation” posts over here rather than always on tumblr, once in a while..
  • more reading before bed and less gaming (woops..) ; I shall get a bedside lamp, as my lava lamp don’t do much light and that’s why I don’t, I don’t wanna get back up to close it 😡
  • read more of my feed’s blog posts !


Non bookish nor bloggish part, for reminder;

  • Go get my begginer. I know, I turned 23 and didn’t even went yet?? Yeh. 😂 now that I’m no longer anxious about speaking english as I speak it all day at work now, I shall proceed. One less fear in the way.

Well, that ended up alot more than I originally thought hahah 😅 lets start this year on the good foot, shall we? :3


Have you took resolutions/blog & books goals this year? What are they? ✌🏼


31 thoughts on “To accomplish in 2018 ✨”

  1. It is nice to explore book formats – at first I was skeptical, but now I really enjoy all book formats and I find it easy to keep track of my reading better (if that makes sense).

    Have a great year! I hope you will accomplish all of your goals!

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  2. What an ambitious set of goals, Kristina! I am impressed with everything are working to take on. I am personally SUPER into audiobooks. I have a dog and quite a commute each day, so I find that I make quick progress through them. The trick is finding a good narrator!

    I don’t personally bullet journal, but I love seeing everyone’s journals! Will you be sharing your progress on this blog?

    I haven’t written any 2018 goals yet… but I’m pondering them!

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    1. Ohhh right, this must be quite handy while walking the dog(s) isn’t it ! Yeah, the narrator does make a difference, I see it.. now i dont know how to choose myself so eeh 😅

      I haven’t started one yet! I bought a standard pre-made planner in july, which had the rest of 2017 and the whole 2018; so I have quite a while in it. For now I don’t really decorate it either.. just keeping notes of my day and blablabla …
      Well, I wish you goodluck on your soon-to-be goals list! 💕


  3. My goal is trying to catch up on books that I already own that are sitting in my Kindle or on my bookshelf. So I’m doing Beat the Backlist too! Which group did you get sorted into? I’m on Book Bards. 🙂

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  4. I also published a post of my 2018’s resolutions, however it’s much shorter than yours 🙈
    How do you keep a planner? I try, but more often than not I don’t check it or forget it for days 😂
    I know when a review has been in your drafts folder for so long, sometimes I also forget about what I thought of the book 😅

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    1. ahah well I thought it was gonna be short ! but I started to write and write and.. 😂​ yep I was the same ! even at school I just, never much used it. I have a post on tips with what helped me get the habit if you’re interrested 🙂

      Well with my review in the draft I haven’t even stopped reading so .. hahah Id like to write as I go so I can also have like, my genuine reaction of it ? idk ..


      1. I’ll have to check out that post, thank you!
        You should probably do that, a few times I forget what me reactions were while reading the book, and I had to re-read it. Writing down notes would be better, though I don’t do it because I’m not the kind of person to do it 😂

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      2. Same 😂 I know lot of people either write in the book or on a postit or something… but If I pause to write something i’ll definately flew off of it 🤷🏽‍♀️


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