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My tips for new Bloggers ! 😘

What do you mean i’m still relatively new aswell ??

*pokes* « my struggles as a new book blogger »  …. Okay fine. 😒 But ! you gotta admit that i’ve been constant in my posting since I came back after my week of fail xD soo … I still have some tips I wanna share with yall!

After all, we can all have different versions of things, no ? 😚 As we experience stuff differently & may not do the same things .. etc. etc.

So ! without further ado, here they are;

No.1 ~ Don’t start too high. I know, you are excited, but start lower ! I started with two posts a week (Monday & thursdays) along with freedom of adding more if I wanted, and then took on occasionnal saturday every too weeks; Now, after 4months, I am thinking of doing regular saturdays. If you see too much from the start, you are more easily to let down and quit. Blogging is not easy and take time, so you wanna get used to it before adding..

No.2 ~ SCHEDULE. AHEAD. ! Okay, so you thought of what days and how many you wanna post ? Good. now go and schedule somes ! Okay, if you see me anywhere else, im the type of gal who will post a bunch and then go quiet. Never running on a queue… but here is different. Posts are longer and thus, take more time to build. (unless i’m really inspired)

Not sure if you wanna add something ? SCHEDULE! you can go back and edit later if you get more ideas. or you can always put in the drafts to go back to … watever floats ya boat.

No.3 ~ Do not overthink. If you are anything like me, you will get that “Is it really good enough” syndrome. DON’T listen to it. Chances are, your post is totally fine and will be loved ! We are just too harsh on ourselves on that one, let’s give us a break.

No.4 ~ Don’t lose track of why you started. It may take a while before you get lot of people to see & interact with you .. but If you have fun and know why you decided to blog in the first place – it will all be worth it !

Only one viewer on your posts ? Don’t matter, keep going ! 💜 If you keep growing your blog and take proper care of it, people will come. That should not be THE No.1 reason why you started, as you could get discouraged really quickly ..

No.5 ~ Join the community ! Yes, I know at the start it feels kinda odd and like you may not belong – but you do now ! Look out for blogs on twitter, or even over here in the search ! look at posts who interrest you, leave a nice and genuine comment on it (for the love of god, no “im new, come check out my blog please !” spam .. that wont get you nowhere and will annoy..), asks questions, if someone talk of bookish/bloggish discord ask them if you can join .. And also feel free to slide into my DMs to talk ! (wait.. no DMs here.. shit ;-; eeeeh .. do so on my twitter or tumblr then!) The book community will welcome you with open arms !

No.6 ~ Interact with us! once no.5 have been done, please don’t just stand there ! Join some meme/conversation posts, reply to people who comment on your posts **very important. Of course take your time to think of a reply if you need to, but most people look down on a blogger if they actually “ignores” their genuine comments – and that would be a bad start, wouldn’t it ?

No.7 ~ Be yourself ! and don’t be scared to overshare. Of course it’s totally fine if you don’t wanna overshare but eeeh, that’s not how I roll here .. 😂 Of course we like books .. but we also wanna see YOU peaking through, makes everything so much more interresting and unique !

No. 8 ~ don’t panic. That’s alright if you skip a post or two for watever reason .. we know life gets hectic, and we also understand that some times life pass before blogging. Breathe, and continue when you can. Alternatively; if you feel like you need a break, feel free to. This should be fun ! Not a chore nor an obligation.

° On a side note, if you wanna post something unrelated — just do ! This is your kingdom, okay? no need to feel guilty

No. 9 ~ Uses only your pictures and/or from a reliable “free pictures” source. This one is just ’cause im a paranoid .. but nonetheless, there’s a few horror stories happening, so. Asks for using / put credits if you need to, but please keep in mind of where you get them. Cannot be too sure, eh ?

What do you think of my tips, are they helpful to you ?

for other “seniors”, Did i missed anything you wanna add ? 


34 thoughts on “My tips for new Bloggers ! 😘”

  1. I totally agree with all the points, especially overthinking! I mean I almost didn’t post my latest blog post but it turned out to perform better than any other posts so far!

    And thanks for these lovely tips!

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  2. Thanks for such valuable tips! I am a big planner so I like to map things out especially since I just started my blog recently and I’m trying to figure out what works and not ‘overthink’ things. I’ve been thinking that I need to get a book review post done soon but it hasn’t been that long and that’s me overthinking 😉

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    1. Ive posted two reviews here – others were done elsewhere. And I started in november … but I rather want my reviews to skip the days I shall be posting and post whenever regardless. Just because I dont have much of thoses on here 🙈


  3. These are some very good tips that I think a lot of new bloggers would benefit from! Especially when it comes to images and where we get them from. Some experienced bloggers might need that recommendation too!

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  4. Of course it does! 😏😉

    November is my birthday month, I actually created my blog in November, but didn’t figure out how to actually post and use it until December 😂

    I have a chihuahua, and my grandmothers dog whom is living with us, is a pug. I also have a guinea pig 🐶🐹

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    1. oh xD and december is my bday month ! ahah

      I had so many … cat, dogs (mom had poodles), a mouse, a guinea pig, gerbils, a frog dad found while working in produce .. water frogs annnd a hedgehog. I think that’s it ..


  5. I love this post💜
    I started in December, and I’m still learning of course, but I do most of these things.
    I think I may over-share in comments a bit. But, I also babble. Very much, actually 😂
    I schedule, but then I forget and run out of time and panic. I often lose track of the days and I’m a night owl that may or may not be up until 12:00 in the afternoon…..

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    1. Oh wow ! I only started here in November 🙂 However I was on the tumblr side since july, but it wasn’t like this …

      hahah so do I ! that makes our charm, right? 😏 oh no .. yeah im also a night owl, hence why im pretty much so happy I got to work more often than not in evenings. some might not like it as much – but I get to keep my insomniac schedule and get most of my days to myself & my dogs xD

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    1. Yep! Specially if you are an anxious person 😅 which can lead to panic.. best to avoid and just go and try 🙂 if it goes well – awesome! But if not, we shall be reminded this post was alot to us, and so do have it’s place on our blog regardless – that it flanked or succeed.


  6. These are great tips. I definitely agree that taking it slowly at the beginning, scheduling posts and commenting back are musts for any blogger. And bloggers at any stage can benefit from remembering why they started in the first place. Too often we can get so focused on gaining comments and followers that we forget what we loved about blogging.

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  7. Great tips! I definitely agree that scheduling is 100% important and so is testing the waters before posting every day of the week. You never know what will work and what won’t be if you post too often it might hinder any chance of real results. It’s best to take your time and ease into it.

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  8. I love your tips! Scheduling blog posts is a life saver for me ahah, I wouldn’t be able to blog without planning things ahead and just… I don’t know, I like being organized this way, ahah 🙂 It makes me feel less stressed out about everythin and that is so important. I also agree with your tip of taking things slow, otherwise we can so easily burn out! IT’s important to take time to find our own blogging rhythm 🙂
    Interaction is everythin to me, it’s the heart and soul of blogging for sure. The community is so welcoming and warm, commenting and talking with other book bloggers has to be one of the best things ever ❤
    Great post! 😀

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    1. Thank youu ! yes same xD It makes me anxious like crazy when I dont schedule, as a post is due- but wouldn’t have any idea !! aah !

      yes, I am soso happy of everyone I met so far 🙂 and being part of book discords has so been worth it !

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  9. Ohhh i know i need to schedule more! But by the time i get around to it I’m like “no, i haven’t posted for ages and now i have to post right away!”
    Anyway, really great tips. I’ve been blogging but pretty sporadically for more than a year but I’m definitely still a noob.

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    1. I like a mix of both. With some topics and my reviews, I decide to post them right away. And then all the rest I schedule for ahead of time – so if somthing were to happen unexpectly, or I get too tired, It’s covered ! 😊

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  10. Great tips! I know scheduling is so important and not to mention saves time too but it’s so hard for me to batch write lol. But I’ll try my best. Still trying to find my best schedule days.

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  11. Very insightful, no really great tips and I think you’ve got the most important things covered here! Also don’t compare your blog to other blogs. I know it’s hard not to because others might seem more successful but it’s not because someone has more followers that they have more success per se.

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