Chit chat thursdays ; busy week & new piercing ..

Hello my lovely people !

Nothing too fancy today, please escuses me ! This last week (Feb 18 to 24) was quite busy at work for me 😅 My boss was in vacation so my hours had increased – leaving me only two days off and I didn’t really had much ideas in term of posts… and will leave the tag Camilla @ readers in the attic tagged me on for next week as I had quite alot recently ahah. Gonna give you guys a break :p

So ! let’s have a little chat and see what i’ve been up to !

 I’m done reading my first Arc I got !! I’ve been loving it (See my review here). I moved onto my 2nd arc who’s also published in march – this one being in french, hopefully I’ll get through it faster. Once all is done, I can ask for more arcs on NetGalley, yaay !! I may had got one more already.. oops And well, read more of my backlists books.. poor Book Bards, im doing very poorly, not one finished at all since it started 😓 But !! As my arc is the french version of an already published in 2016 english book .. it does count ! muahaha.. 👿

♦ Oh and for thoses wondering, my first arc was my first read in english aswell rather than my usual french – and I gotta say at first it was taking me some time .. but it’s quite okay, I can read it ! 😄 The read is going quite smoothly, and is wired to my imagination also, so that’s awesome ! Only some times, a word in particular makes me go “???” and I don’t understand that, so a dictionnary is needed but – nothing too bad. I’m very happy with that, I don’t plan to stop reading in my main language, but that sure will open me alot more doors in terms of books – I bought under rose tainted skies already and SO wanna read Eliza & her monsters so bad !

♦ Also, im quite loving E-books .. probably not gonna buy anything on it as I have lots to read in physical already, but it’s so much more handy to read before sleep ! I’m not hating it, and definately changed my mind on thoses formats ..

♦ I finally got my new piercing !! I went for a microdermal under my left eye, which I was eyeing  for a while but havent done it for X reasons.. and well, this guy had it at a % off to celebrate working in our town for 6years. I thought it was just the best occation, and I had slow weeks before this crazy one so I thought; why not ! Deal finished on the thursday (I contacted him on tuesday) but alas he had ordered some and it still haven’t got there. so he said well okay, let’s reschedule for the thursday of next week and i’ll give you the same price – It was neither of us’ fault .. just my luck and plus we had two days of freezing rain 😪

Finally on Valentine’s day it arrived, and I barely made it – as of course, that day he had an appointment he couldn’t miss while I was working that night and the next day mom had an X ray at that hour I was supposed to get it done .. wouldn’t had been funny without that, eh ? x) So he said okay im gonna get prepared and if you can come here before I leave, I can do it. Thought we wouldn’t, but we did make it !!

Without further blabla, here’s how it looks;


I’m just loving it !! Even with my glasses on, you can see it regardless and I just LOVE to take pictures now and see it peak through my glasses x) As of which.. Im having a love/hate relationship with taking pictures of myself.. so that’s one hell of a good sign!

If you didn’t know, this type of piercing cannot be removed on your own .. a titanium bar is inserted under your skin for the jewel to stay, and your skin kinda “swallow” it – making it last for ever as long as you take care of it properly with no rejection or  infection. I didn’t thought about it twice before doing it.. so im happy I ended up loving the look on me ! ❤

♦ As I was working alot, and some earlier than usual, I’m sorry I’ve not been blog hopping as much nor returning the comments you left on my blog ! This mixed with me being tired, I didn’t had much time than I usually do, nor the mood .. As this post goes live, it should be better by now 🙂 or atleast start to be back to normal – please bear with me, and thank you for your patience !

♦ In case you haven’t noticed yet, my blog do have an updated review’s policy ! please head there if you have any questions concerning my reviews 🙂 It’s called « review guide & policy » in the header of my blog (not on the WP reader) – and I have an about me section aswell.

and that will be all I have to say for now .. 😅

How has your week’s been – anything in particular that happened and you wanna share with me ?

Also, would you guys be up for more of my bullet journal posts like the one I did – of course not the same one but maybe one per month or my ideas or.. idk, something ? 


12 thoughts on “Chit chat thursdays ; busy week & new piercing ..

  1. Kyla Spaulding

    Love the cute piercing, I actually just got my ears pierced (that’s a whole other story I actually just wrote about it on my blog, I hope you’ll check it out) and I have many more I plan to get!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. It was a bit hard for me too when I first started reading in English, but all it takes is practice. The piercing is really cute – I am scared of anything that has to do with needles and piercing, so I don’t think I could ever get one, but I really like the look of it!

    Don’t worry about blog hopping, we understand. We all have one of those weeks that is too busy from time to time!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. yeah.. and thoses kind of piercing are specially terrifying, for you “hole punch” into your skin.. no needles but still kinda scary x)
      also yes 100% for practice !

      aw thank you ❤ im sure of it, but I still feel cheap haha

      Liked by 1 person

  3. New piercing looks nice! ❤

    I remember the first time i read a book in english, i actually got dizzy after one chapter 😀 it was hard for my brain to make the switch, but after i finished the book i was ok 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you !
      oh no xD I just remember in high school with mandatory readings id just … fall asleep almost & reread one darn page like 5times.. 😎 my only issue was words I never saw before and went “eh ???” but, that’s fixable, and more words for me !

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I show the pages at the end of the month, so once I’ve used them all and then I show the new layout for the coming month to compare them and show how it’s developing etc x


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