Chit Chat Thursdays; 200s already ??

Heey guys !!

Yeah, I know, I did one of thoses only two weeks ago – i’m sorry, I wasn’t planning of having this as “religiously” but eeeeh .. I love blabbing 😂 and I have things I wanna share with y’all !!

I’m hoping you love this category of posts as much as I love talking about different things 💗

★ First, eek!!! 200 followers ?? 😱 How ?? I’m a bit shocked, we got that number on March 3rd – and if we look at the first Chit Chat Thursdays, I got my first 100s on January 25th .. so tiny bit more than a month ago.. wow  !

Capture d_écran 2018-03-03 à 19.09.59

I was thinking, to “celebrate” maybe I could share my stats with you all and maybe give you a few tips on what got me there ? Would you be up for that? ((although i’m not sure what I do differently, and i’m sure most of you who reads me comes from Discords groups.. but, you know, I can try ))

★ Just so you guys know, I will be skipping this Saturday’s Internationnal Blogger meme (March 17th). I’ve been ahead twice in a row and it will be our favorite internationnal bloggers, which I posted 2weeks ago already.. 😅 I planned it ahead and well, I haven’t checked if it was still correct on the planning and.. only saw afterward that I didn’t posted the right thing.

Therefore, I’ll give you a sunday post on this weekend instead – and include my already posted ahead meme on the link up and hopefully on March 31st I will jump in with all the others and the proper topic! 

★ Not related to anything .. but i’m writing this after work and we have a radio on – and they just said how we nationnally need people to give blood ! Which reminds me, I so wanna do that. I hasn’t had enough weight on my body to give before (and just got 23 years old) – Until I got happier and now I have the weight/height properly proportionized ! Although last time I went to see my dr I was sick.. and so he told me I needed to wait a bit to “recover”. 

Dad used to give blood all during my childhood ! I went with him and even got into the newspaper once because of it 😂 A journalist was there and, I guess he found funny a little child came with her father and saw him donating .. idk. wanna see ?

Translation; Number of donors in canada upgraded of about 6%, last year. Up, Kristina, from X, ask her dad Louis about blood donation. Dated Sept 26, 2002.

But as you might know, mom got a kidney transplant; I tried to gave her one of mine but sadly.. her blood was reacting with mine so I didn’t had the chance to. Hence why it’s SO important to me – and dad cannot give anymore, as he has some therroid gland issues/high pressure.. 

★ I’m slowly reading through the french arc of “Adult 101” by Lisa Henry – currently have my review into my draft and updating it as I go.. this time having it written in both french and english ! which looks kinda odd to me as I need to write it in my “basic french” .. and eh, im totally not speaking like that 😂 but otherwise I don’t think i’d be understood so.. ahah

This is the first M/M romance i’ve ever read .. and as I know my ex is currently in an homosexual relationship and is shaped more “small” like Nick is in this book, my mind like to portray him as this character o.o Im no longer bitter towards him, thankfully, so it kind of is just wierd to think of your ex that way ahaha just me ? or did anyone else had that too? 

★ And lastly, I got one of the “open reading” arcs off NetGalley, Which is “The art of french kissing” by Brianna Shrum. The publication & archive date for that one is 5th of June .. So I’ll finish Adult 101 and I think I will go ahead and read one of my paperback backlist on my tbr before going for that one ! Considering I take about a month to maybe two to finish a book, I should have plenty of time.

That’s it for me as of now ! Let me know if my stats/tips post would interrest you 😘

Anything you wanna share with me? Have you ever gave blood before, or read “Adult 101” ?  


26 thoughts on “Chit Chat Thursdays; 200s already ??

  1. Congratulations on 200 followers, what an awesome accomplishment, Kristina, yay! You deserve all of them and so much more, I’m so happy for you 🙂
    I admire you so much for donating your blood and that your dad used to do it as well. I can’t handle needles unfortunately :/

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  2. 200 followers already? Wow, you are doing great Kristina. I haven’t reached to 200 yet 😀 And oh I got The Art of French Kissing too. It does sound cute, isn’t it? I hope we both enjoy it 🙂
    I always wanted to give blood but apparently, I don’t have “enough” blood to donate? I am not sure why, but yeah I am not allowed 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. absolutely agree !
      ahh yes, I know the struggle.. anxiety made me lost 10pounds in a week and I couldn’t, for the life of me, get them back .. o.o it’s better not to in that case .


  3. Congratulations! *throws cake, candy, honey-roasted turkey, chocolates, or whatever your most beloved treat is* This is a momentous occasion that you should celebrate as you are an awesome blogger! Here’s to another 200 and another and another…! Have fun with the whole blogging adventure!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Congratulations on your 200 followers, that’s awesome! It’s great that your dad gave blood for so long. My husband does too. I would like to but I often have anaemia and I have a condition that makes me more prone to fainting too. I think it’s an amazing thing to do, though.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. yeah eh xD we don’t have newspaper delivered but like all the family kept it for that ahaha so we have 2 copies (one broke though) only thing is since I just got a new piercing, I need to wait and cannot donate yet ..

      Liked by 1 person

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