End of May, early June ..

Good morning,

Yep, here it is – last post of may.. Granted, I always say that, but I STILL cannot wrap my head around another month being over.. 😳 daamn, where is 2018 going ?? seems like everything pass us by so quickly ..

Before hopping over to my habit tracker for this month, I have done some modifications in my early pages that I would like to show you !


I’m not sure if you recall, but only the bottom shelf was here originally; having a useless wishlist over it.

Doing so good in my Goodreads challenge of 12 books (now 8/12 !!) I figured I would need another one if I were to keep reading two or even three books a month!

Also touched my 2018’s goal page; I now have only two left to check ! The 12 books read, and to get my driver’s liscence.. *aherm* which I shall get to as soon I get the money, now that winter is (hopefully) over.

Now that’s out of the way, let’s see my Habit tracker!

IMG_4061Granted it still has place for amelioration; I actually did way better than last month’s! Apart of that one time I never returned my comments (please, forgive me !!) I ended up returning thoses in a more timely manner and bloghopped more often aswell !! Last month’s was more dragging,.. And the “X”s are less than last month’s too !

I definately improved walking the weeins, and ended up brushing their teeth/creamed their paw pads about every two days. Of course it’s not the *best* yet, but it’s better than just sporadically !

[Here’s last month’s post if you wanna compare]

May’s events ;

~ Following last month’s incident with Kafei, I returned to the vet on the 1st; and i’m glad to say she said everything had healed as it should had and nothing (like absess and stuff) was under his skin, so that’s good! While I was there, I opted to vaccine him a little earlier, rather than having to go back in a month; as it would had ended up costing more if I were to come back.. so now he’s good and only missing his Lyme vaccine, as they were out of stock- which shall arrive sometime this month.

As per what did it … We’re thinking an eagle as we saw one roaming around our house; but however, I cannot explain why he only had a wound on one side of his body only AND only one .. you’d think an eagle’s foot would had left atleast 3holes, no ?

~ I did a guest post on “The ELL Experience”, being the ELL of the month; Which related to my very own experience as an english second language learner. If you had missed it, the post is right here.

~ One of my wish came true ! For 19 years of my life, dad had wore this special gold watch with an apple inside the cadran; and he decided to give it to me ! Which was a huge thing for me in itself, as he’s away quite often for his work; so it was like a part of him was with me.

IMG_3969But what makes it more special, is the story behind it; His name and the year 2000 is engraved on the back.

There were a contest, in which the produce department’s chiefs were to win a watch IF they made a nice display and double the last year’s selling number. The trick; there was only one of thoses watches to be won in my area, the maritimes (which is 4 provinces, btw). Dad WANTED this watch, so he did everything in his will to get it; and he did !! He said we wore this watch for 19years, and upon looking at it, was reminded how you can achieve anything you want – If you have enough will powers. Him passing it to me was his way to tell me the same; If you work hard to follow what you wanna get, anything is possible. He also added how he was proud of the woman i’ve become, which I was honestly sobbing at this point, as my dad isn’t the kind to say things like this aloud; but is good at writting it.

~ I finished reading three books this month !! How cool is that ?! 😄

Heavenward // Meaningless destruction // The art of french kissing

~ On the 23rd, my Sheik turned 3years old !! Just like her brother’s however, I was working that day aswell; so we didn’t took any chances and did a photoshoot and got her her “cake” two days early. Here’s one of them;


~ Would you believe it, we had frost warnings ; a couple of times this month. Even on day where it was 20°C in daytime … and my native town actually got SNOW on Sheik’s birthday ;-; up to 3cms Ithink ..

Love giving of the month;

~ On a recent topic I showcased last month, Mritula @ ecstaticyetchaotic shared her tips on how to deal with reading slumps !

Becky @ Uptown oracle had lot of good posts this month; my faves are her apps for selfcare, How to pick our next books and Blogging 101-how to utilise linked in.

Chloe @ bookdragon247, had wonderful discussions under “Monday Musings”; New release VS backlist books and the differences between YA/NA/A were my faves.

~ Aimee @ aimeealways gives us a guide onto if you should buy that book or not..

~ Shruti @ Thisislit posted an hilarious post on how NOT to react towards that one friend saying they don’t read 

Marie @ Drizzleandhurricanebooks asks us if we had to review books to be a book blogger

~ Simant @ Flippingthruthepages, asked if it was possible to read while on vacation

~ Cait @ paperfury created an awesome tag i’m totally gonna steal, The 10 emotions in color booktag !

~ Jenn @ Jenniely, guide us onto when to dnf a book we don’t appreciate

~ Alex @ heabooknerd, shares us how to keep reading when life gets busy

~ Our amazing Evelina @ Avalinasbook made another category on her blog!! This time, welcoming new bookbloggers in the community. #NewBloggersWelcome

~ Trang @ Bookidote shares with us what to do when we feel lost

~ Tiffany @ readbytiffany, explains why taking breaks matters

~ Danielle @ Booksvertiligoandtea let us know the 10times she failed as a new blogger.. and lived through it !

~ Lastly, Dani @ perspective of a writer, shares the 5 cold truth about commenting back ! 

Onto planning June ! ;

As I have like four of sparkly pens, I decided I was to do all my pages one color, and then switch to a different color each month. Also, on my weekly pages, I was tired of highlighting my lines so eh xD imma let that go.


Spaced out my calender properly this month, ahah! Also decided to add a little doodle and a quote, because why not.


Habit tracker looking the same .. but same color as my calender and planned for all my square to fit, this time ahah. I’m bad at mesuring, apparently.. xD

IMG_3994Once again.. I didn’t calculated something properly *aherm* .. So I had an extra page and needed to add something else. Since I went to a NetGalley requesting spree, and was receiving quite alot of review request, I decided to have a dead line’s page !! So I can make sure I cover everything in a timely manner and not forget anything, like we know I can do often xD

IMG_3989Lastly, My blog planning ! As always, I’ve planned some squares for all Mondays, Thursdays and Sundays of the month; also each two saturdays for the lasts int. blogger meme for me to fill in what I wanna schedule for which date. I also provided an area for what’s in my drafts and what/when are my additionnal posts as per usual, but I ALSO added what post idea I got that month, so I can go back and look what ideas I got when, and also as my page at the beggining is pretty crowded now 😂 Additionnally; As the page for what I got tagged in/which of my posts got showcased where was a success in may, I also put it back in !

I’m not gonna show you what my weekly spread looks like, as it’s mainly the same; square bronze colored blocks with how much work hours I had per week, with the only exception that the squares no longer have blue highlighter around it.

What do you think of my modifications ? What are your “must” have pages that you do every month? 


19 thoughts on “End of May, early June ..

    1. Ahh no problem ❤️ your posts are ALWAYS worth a share!

      Once upon a time, i was always writing in pencil 😂 I just turned into pens suddently (well.. i do need to use them at work and eh.. i have alot.)
      I do start to fancy it alot more than I used to; doodling, writing nice sayings or quotes i like.. however my drawing still haven improved much ahah 😂


  1. Aww, that story of your Dad’s watch is so cute *Sobs* and it is beautiful. And that cake of your dog is so good. Can I taste it? 😛
    And your BuJo pages are incredible. I wish I could maintain such a journal. You are definitely getting better at it 🙂
    Thank you so much for sharing my post. I hope June is even better for you 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks for sharing my posts girl! Also just for future reference my blog name is Book Dragons, haha it’s only bookdragons247 due to the web address hehe, I’m loving your bullet journal though, I’ve started a bullet journal now and well…I’m slightly terrified in case I don’t keep up with it or even use it but we’ll see. I just need a place to shove everything to be honest 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. OH, ahaha sorry xD I tend to just go with the web one ..

      yeess I love it so much, I had the same fear as you – but so far so good, I almost always has it in my hands … the best thing is you need something? just create it !

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Kristina I just love your Bujo pages!! You are so good to share them with us and talk about how things change for you each month. I haven’t worked up the energy to share my pages even though I did finally find a method that works well for me. ❤️ And reading that story about your dad’s watch! How incredible that he gave it to you, I bet it is super inspiring to you now. I know it would me.

    And THANK YOU!! For sharing my post… and I got the honor of being last, I really appreciate it. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ahh omg thank you xx this one took me like 3hours ahah without the coming back to add links and then to replace the habit tracker ..Im so happy you like them ! xx

      I only not wore it once. I wear it ALL the time since I got it xD


    1. yes ! idontknow why I never thought of doing it before.. I even went and put some quotes on the empty page at the left of my calender with some doodles in that same color.. im liking it !

      Thank you xx

      Liked by 1 person

  4. I love that you bullet journal!! I’m so happy that your wish of getting your dad’s watch came true 🙂 It’s really lovely. Your birthday party for your dog was also super cute!! The cake looked amazing ❤ I hope you have an even better June~ Thanks so much for featuring my post too!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Iknow right ?! I like it so much !! and plus how neat that it’s still working like new after 19years.. only needing a tiny wash (as he never did) and replace the batteries when needed and you’re good !
      Only downside is as it’s gold, all my silver stuff I tend to prefer dont match with it xD

      No problem, love xx Thank you ! I hope for you aswell 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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