Baki the Grappler – My thoughts

Baki the Grappler (Baki or Grappler Baki) is a new anime that just came out on Netflix about a week and a half ago.  From what I can tell from watching the first 3 episodes is that there is a boy named Baki (I’m guessing he is in high school), who is in extremely good shape and is very strong and he fights or wrestles people? (That’s about all I got so far from the episodes I have seen).

The anime is very well animated and detailed through the main character and his opponents being very muscular and lean and it showing through the detail the of the characters physical build. The anime goes kind of old school because it shows blood and hard violence but also has moments of having 3 and even 4 levels of shading. I have honestly really enjoyed watching these past 3 episodes of this anime, the story seems really good, the animation isn’t scared to show blood (and there is a decent amount of blood and gore), the animation is very clean looking, and overall I enjoy watching it.

I can’t wait to see what happens next and I might even look into reading the manga.

Side note, I kind of want to start asking a question at the end of each post because I want to know about everyone.

This posts question! What was the first anime you ever watched and what do you think about it now?

And as always, have a great day!

-Alex (a.k.a UnrestrainedDarkness)


3 thoughts on “Baki the Grappler – My thoughts

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  2. the first anime i watched was either death note or hellsing.

    ive since rewatched death note and its p cringey and i dont know howi loved misa amane so much at the time lmao.

    i want to rewartch hellsing but im scared


  3. diane92345

    I’m not sure this was my first anime but it is definitely the first I loved: Neon Genesis Evangelion. Who doesn’t love a mecha with a great plot?

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