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Blog VS work, How do we juggle them?

Good morning!

Let’s have a little conversation today, shall we? As most of us work on our blogs as hobbies and do have to do an “actual” moneymaker job aswell, How do we all manage our time to do both?

** Just remember we all do it differently, and every ones is okay ! None of us have a “better” way than another blogger’s. As long as it works for you, that’s the important part ! **

I will consider myself lucky to have some more time than others might get ; As you know I am working only part-time, though in some weeks I may get more hours than others, it’s still less than full-time would get. Additionnally; either I do supper time until closing, or open until supper. Which give me half a day in both cases.

I tend to go and schedule posts whenever I feel the inspiration flowing .. though if my brain go really dry I might do a tag or a BuJo post if it’s near the end of the month so my blog can keep posting on the needed days even if I feel sloppy; but I usually go with one post per “session”, as I struggle with smaller posts and always end up rambling ahah.. However i’ll plan few days ahead and keep scheduling one or two if I am really inspired, so my scheduled posts never really go dry. I’ve become better on that point where I can schedule something for the day after if my scheduling appears empty, but usually I still panic a little if it remains on zero and the next posting date is coming by quick.

How do you juggle the two ?

Do you schedule a couple posts at the time or mostly only one?

do you prefer live blogging to scheduling ahead ?


12 thoughts on “Blog VS work, How do we juggle them?”

  1. I try and keep up with a certain schedule to keep things flowing. I don’t balance work and blogging but I balance some summer work and blogging and university work and blogging the rest of the time. Admittedly though, with university I still feel like I have quite a bit of free time.

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  2. This is such an interesting post 🙂 Blogging and working is hard sometimes, but we keep on goig because we love it haha 🙂 I am working full-time, so I wouldn’t do much if I weren’t into scheduling blog posts. I’m writing and scheduling everything on weekends and keep the evenings to answer to comments and blog-hop, but it’s really time-consuming, all the time haha. But I love it haha 🙂 ❤

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  3. I am really struggling with this at the moment! I started off with writing bunches of posts and scheduling but after a hectic time at work I have only been able to write one at a time and publish immediately. I really want to get back into scheduling content but I will need to sit down and dedicate some time to my blog.

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    1. Oh no.. it definately happened to me too ! in my case I finish late and was just too tired to do anything else :/

      Hopefully it calms itself soon so you can get back on track ! xx


  4. I am very terrible at scheduling posts! Last week, I was under control and had the whole week planned, I dont know what happened, this week I have 0 😭


  5. I usually schedule my posts as well. When i have time i might write 2 or 3 and then schedule them for a future date.
    With all the holidays and moving i didn’t really have to do this in July, but i hope in August i’ll be back on track.

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