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End of July, Early August 💛

Heey !

We are in the middle of summer, yaay … has it been hot enough yet? x) Fellow canadians don’t yell at me, Iknow cold will be back soon enough but I just cannot stand the heatwaves. Plus, my medication makes my body overheat faster and slight sun allergy makes my skin reddish spotted.

aanyhow, Time to check what my Bujo looks like again ! yaaay !

July’s Habit tracker ;


I always have problems onto when I shall proceed with taking a picture of that month’s Habit tracker… as I don’t wanna do my post too late, but I don’t wanna have it from too early either.. 😓 [I end up coming back and update it.. hah..]

Anyhow, this month has been kinda eh. I saw the boyfriend more often so I slacked on the bloghop/return of comments, it took me several days reading every nights to finally finish a second book; So I doubt id finish a 3rd one now xd though I am at 56%, so not all that bad. It was again too hot to walk the pups and/or I was working. which ain’t good, I know, but sadly.. that’s how it is for now :s Hopefully August’s will be better on that point ! (though apparently it’s gonna be even warmer .. eeeeh… 😰)

July’s events ;

Not my best month for reading, not gonna lie .. I finished two books, and DNFed one. I finished “The gilded King” & “The unexpected Inlander“, and Dnfed Valentine Act 1. All three of them being review requests.. so now I only have 4 on my deadline page !!! A bit of progress, atleast.

Edit; two got added … oops ! As I was pre-approved, I saw a haunting related book and I just had too, okay !! Also decided to join a blog tour in early september .. 

☼ Though regardless of thoses 6* I still need to review, I officially hit my 12 books read for this year’s goal !! aaaah !!! 🎉

Capture d_écran 2018-07-29 à 14.08.06

☼ On the 4th, it has been a month I’ve been with my boyfriend ❤ And he agreed to join me on here the day after !! In case you haven’t noticed yet, He’s posting wednesday and Saturdays – more on Mangas/Anime to be my “other half” on my blog, but may add some videogames and maybe even do tags and posts together !

☼ Along with an additionnal member, the blog got it’s header fixed and new categories added ! Of course “Manga” and “Anime”, but also “Videogames” and “Creepypasta” !!

☼ I haven’t got any news back from the vets I applied to, unfortunately, but applied to some other jobs; In hotels, our local Chapters (aka B&N, again ahah) and even tried one last time for a job in my accounting field. So fingers crossed, again !!

☼ After he got back from visiting his Family for a week, we had way more dates than the month before, yaay !! I even got to taste some ramen, I got the “miso” one and went later to that restaurent back with my mom and tasted the “curry”. Having only had mr. Noodles before, I loved it so much !! Will definately go back !

☼ As unfortunately it had to be postponed due to rain, I finally got to go to the wienerpalooza !! It was pretty hot, but with the heatwave we had the week before I was actually fine with that 24°C instead of the 40°C we had, ahaha.

In case you don’t know, Wienerpalooza is basically an event created by a dachshund rescue to help them get funds to help wieners in needs. You guys know me, it’s a must for me to travel and attend thoses. There’s prizes to be won, dachsund races, contests (longest wiener, best tricks, etc.) and even some vendors ! Lots of dachshunds everywhere, so basically paradise ahah, and just a great time outdoor socializing with wieners and other “crazy dachsund people”, ahah !

Look how pretty my girl is in this shot – taken at one of the races! We got her that pearl necklace there too.

☼ Finally, I dyed my hair black again ! I had a red/purple phase, and hasn’t went back to the dark side since I graduated college in 2014 I think? So you can guess the shock in the first few days ahah. It is a color that do me and my skin color quite well though, but the downside is after I go black it stays forever and don’t wanna go away ahah..


Showcased blogs of the month ; 

Becky @ Uptown oracle shared with authors why bloggers haven’t reviewed your book, and also offered some blogging help onto how to get involved in the community

Lily @ Sprinkles of dreams talked about the only reading challenge that matters

Laura @ Boats against the current, gave us some ideas for 6 easy crafts to try !

Lili @ Utopia state of mind shared her June’s reflections ; an interresting correlation between self care and blogging !

 rasya @ nurulrasya explained what changed for her after she graduated college

Daniel @ dans book blog blook gave us 42 posts ideas for book bloggers !

August here we are.. ! 

I went into something different this month, Not only is it all in my blue metallic pen (which “squirts” quite alot … erh.) but also, I decided to doodle more and went for a Marine vibe !!


For the habit tracker, I added some stuff to it – in my “blogging” category, I decided to add when I was creating posts to see in one easy glance when I was “productive” the most. And finally; in “myself” category, I added a place for when I was walking without the weeins as I found myself wanting to put it in, but being conflicted as my two were not with us.


Nothing much added to the “reading deadlines” page, only a few doodles and a bit more organization

Just look at that jellyfish.. ahah !

Another little change in blog planning ; I removed the “add. posts” to only have what’s in my drafts and my ideas, as now that we are two on here .. it’s not really needed xD I also wrote which days both of us cover and tried some fishie … which one of it lost the bus ahaha


lastly, I think I finally got my way of doing my weekly spread !! Which the pen being seen and the slurdges bothers me but.. hopefully i’ll get fine with it. As you can see, I decided to just not mind the dots and devide it free handed so it’s about all the same sizes. I also tried some squigly cloud-ish shapes to fit my theme but alas.. I never could draw thoses xD so, watever. But I do like that setting, though it looks more “draft” than my usual style. I get more space too for all days so .. let’s see how it works out.



What do you think of my little changes? Any tips you’d like to give me ?

Did you changed anything in yours lately ? 


16 thoughts on “End of July, Early August 💛”

  1. Congratulations on a month with your boyfriend and am glad that he is posting here too! So cute of you both. Whether you read a lot of not doesn’t matter – what matters most is that you enjoy what you DO read. I also hope some of the vets reply to you!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m glad you had a good time at the Wienerpalooza (and it looks like your dog had a good time too!). Dachshunds everywhere sounds amazing and adorable! 🙂
    Thanks for mentioning my crafts post by the way. I hope you’re having a lovely August! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. iknow !! I found it from a photographer who came to the event and she had captured my girl in motion. I love it so much !!

      yay for bullet journals !! thoses can be addictives.. ahah


  3. That event looks like it was a blast with all those cute puppies running around. Also, sending you the best of luck in your job search!

    Your bullet journal looks great. I love the nautical theme, perfect for this time of year.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Good luck with your job hunting!
    And your bujo is cute, unlike mine which only has dates and tickable box lol.

    Thank you for featuring me x Your post reminded me on how months have passed since I made a monthly recap.

    Liked by 1 person

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