My favorite Zeldas

Happy sunday !

In case you haven’t noticed yet, Zelda is one of my favorite franchise. Just like books, it was my mom’s brother who did introduced them to me quite young; as we are only 16years apart. He was about my age (~24) when I was 5 and when he was babysitting me, he would bring his gameboy or his N64.

Of course all Zeldas are wonderful and I do play and love them all, but let see which ones have that particuliar place in my heart, shall we ? ❤

My last tattoo; Done on January 10th 2017

✧ Breath of the wild; I’ve replayed that one atleast 5times since it came out almost two years ago.. Just don’t ask me why. I just CANNOT let it go !! The freedom of the open world, the korocks you find everywhere, riju and Mipha .. I’m specially loving the Gerudo desert so much too in that one !!

✧ Ocarina of time; yes, iknow what you are thinking. Of course I had to put it, eh ? I played it countless of time growing up, and if you would have noticed, I have the three spiritual stones in my tattoo aswell as naming one of my dachshund “Sheik” based on that one. That was in the firsts ones I ever played of this awesome franchise; I would play around Hyrule and do the first two spiritual stone while I’d watch my uncle do the rest for me. Again, I always particularly loved the Gerudo desert (aswell as the ambiant song) and the Zora’s domain. I picked it back up in 2011 when it came out on 3ds, and the feeling of getting my first medalion myself this time as I was old enough was just … beyond words.

✧ Oracle of Ages/Oracle of Seasons; Again, I used to replay that one constantly with the green gameboy color my uncle gave me. In fact, I still own the original catridges and the virtual games on my 3ds too! Such a shame they don’t get as much love as the rest of them, I find ..  I always prefered the ages one, and loved Oracle Nayru the most.

✧ Majora’s Mask; At first i’ll admit I wasn’t a fan of the three days deadline and had a hell of a time in the stone temple .. Until I finished it. I just absolutely love that ending, and specially the kids on the moon for some reasons ! The kafei and Anju quest is also my favorite, though it being the longest.

✧ Hyrule Warriors; Okay, this one is technically a mashup and not a proper Zelda game, but you know what? i’ll include it anyway xD it’s different than what I usually play, and the characters they made specially for that game are lovely. i’m thinking Linkle, Cia and Lana specifically.

✧ Skyward Sword; Yep, I do am in the few that did loved that game; fight me ! The wii motion controls was just so fun for me to swing my sword around (and break a few things while doing it, hah !). Plus so many heartfelt moments in that game .. Link and Zelda just looks so much closer than in previous games..

« When all of this is over… will you come wake me up ? »

Again, thoses are in no specific order — and I do love other ones that are not in this list; Link’s awakening, Twilight princess, Spirit tracks.. there’s only a few I haven’t played and two only that I feel kinda “eh” about.

Are you a Zelda fan aswell? Which one are in your favorites?


8 thoughts on “My favorite Zeldas

  1. Awesome post!! My best friend introduced me to Zelda and had me play Twilight Princess and I LOVED it! I really want to play more, thanks for the suggestions 😉 I love playing video games and I share the same level of passion about the Elder Scrolls series.

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    1. yay !! I SO recommand breath of the wild !! it’s alot different than all the “zelda’s rules” before that .. but, at some point you just have to improve how the games are played to grow with the movement, eh?

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  2. Funny enough, I was just thinking the other day about making a Zelda post some time this month. I love the franchise so much, too. ❤ Only got into it a couple years ago, but it’s been a great ride since. Phantom Hourglass was my first one and one of my favorites, but BotW and Twilight Princess are tied for top favorite. I loved Skyward Sword, too!

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