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« What if blogging was my full time job? »

As I was doing the opening at my store the last morning, and mostly had some cleaning done as it was quiet at that time, a question sprawn in my mind..

« What if blogging was a full time job? »

First I had some ideas of what my day would look like;

  • I’d wake up at 9am
  • In Summer time, I could walk the weeins before it gets too hot; so maybe around 10am
  • After said walk, I could take my coffee at home (or even go to a coffee shop if I wanna be wild !!) While I’ll calmly write some posts and bloghop

Now of course I should have some free time to continue relax and play my videogames, along as feeling more free than with the messed up structure I have now  .. AND as a bonus I could freely take a new hobby and/or a course; like an instrument of some kind or take some dance class I always wanted !

You so wouldn’t be surprised about this one, but i’d love to be a foster mom for rescued dachshunds. And even, if i’m able to drive, offer the transport from where they are to the persons who want to adopt them somewhere within the Maritimes. Or vice-versa, go get them from the airport/border and bring them to the rescue.

Then, I met with another question; « What is stopping me ? »

Of course you have the “action” side

  • Where do I start?
  • Shall I go for wordpress premium plan? or straight up self-hosted?
  • How does either of them work ?
  • Which host is the best for me ? How does one even find out?
  • Would it be enough for living rather comfortably ? As there should have costs to the hosting in itself, would the revenu it’d give me would be enough?
  • What about the taxes ?

But there’s also the “fear” side

  • Would I be taken seriously ?
  • Would my work be enough? Would what I made would be succesful ? (and thus have good revenue..)
  • Am I organized enough to handle that; as I will have to pay for it .. you can’t really let it down..
  • If I turn what I like onto what I do for a living… Will it become a chore ? Would I continue loving what I do ?

Most of all, what stood up the most while I was going further in my thoughts, was If that’d bring me the happiness I need. Would making my blog my main work bring me more happiness than what I do right now ? Would I seriously like that ?

But as I mainly go out only with my boyfriend and to go to work .. another serious concern came up: If I were to be “fully free”, and given that I can drive, will that make me get out of my home more – or opposingly trap me inside and leave it even less ?

Will it leave me feeling like I am actuall being productive and that I matter out there in this world, or would it leave me even worse than I am and have a constent feeling of being guilty?

You’d tell me the only way to find out is doing research and to just try it, eh? Which I might actually do, but I don’t think I am ready for it yet.

Your turn;

  • Are you self-hosted, or blogging as your main full time job ? 
  • If so, would you have any tips for me?
  • If not, Would you want either of it?
  • Can you imagine what your life could be like ? 

34 thoughts on “« What if blogging was my full time job? »”

    1. That would be my fear too !
      Kindly let me know what you think xx as i’m not one to care much of the aesthetic of my blog and don’t quite wanna do all myself, I think the premium plan would be better for me rather than self hosting..

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      1. Hey! I actually just finished reading a lot of articles about the different plans, and I concluded that for a “hobby level” the free plan is the best. The advantage with the premium one is that you can start monetizing your blog (if you are interested in that), but you need around 6 000 views a month to make 5 euros. I’m reaaaally far from this number so I don’t think it’s worth it; I’m gonna keep things simple 🙂

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      2. yeah, a few bucks per month would be interresting to have .. specially if I can keep my part time minimum wage job I love so much.. (looking into other jobs but.. nobody got back to me yet)

        Last month my blog made 1,2K views so .. im kinda there ? but also wouldnt make a whole lot .. might be better to just wait.

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  1. I don’t think blogging could ever be my job, it just wouldn’t make enough money for me to quit work. I would love to be a full time fiction writer and am working towards that but that’s hard to get too, though more likely than blogging to make a bit of pocket money. I don’t really know/think you can make the same amount of money blogging as you can from a full time job. I mean people who work full time earn up to £800 a month. I don’t think blogging can make that type of money. 😦 If I could make money from my blog to supplement my income it’d be great, maybe I could take a job which doesn’t have such demanding hours. No idea how blogging makes money and I have my writing to focus on too. Be interesting to know how people do it.

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    1. yeah .. I know :/ though im not full time, it can always be interresting to have that extra money AND be allowed to keep my job I love at the sexshop kind of thing ..

      I don’t know.. ithink it does kind of like youtube ? with ads probably .. what I do know however is you cannot enable that on the free WP, which I guess make sense..


  2. Although it sounds great, it’s likely to be a lot of work. I remember working so hard on my blog to get exposure and hits and to pump out reviews and content when I first started and it’s a lot. I would love to do it and invest more time into it but well, real life. I’m happy with the way it is. Maybe when I’ve retired and I’m an old cat lady then I’ll reconsider 😉

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    1. Ahah I’ll agree! Though i’d be a « wiener lady » 😂
      We don’t know how much time blogging will remain either 🤔 will it even be a think once we’d be retired old ladies, i wonder..


  3. I’m self hosted but have no idea how to make blogging be my full time job / making a living off it. I would LOVE for blogging to be my full time job, but I’m also scared that it’ll become a chore!

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  4. Well for one I am not sure you’d earn enough money to live and …buy books and second something that is a passion must never become a chore so I’d say …no or at least for me.

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  5. Taking blogging as a job would be lovely to me and I would love it. Anything social media – so bookstagram, booktube and book blogging as much job would be a dream. I’d be creative all day but even though I think I would be more relaxed, I would also feel busy because I would be more focused on doing my very best across all of them, and producing more. Hmm… interesting discussion!

    My recent post:

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  6. I actually like having blogging just as a hobby. I think if it was my job it would feel like something I have to do. I don’t want to be self-hosted because I’m perfectly happy with the way my blog is atm.

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    1. Since im not much into “creativity”, Id go for a premium plan before self host.. Id wanna get some extra money but not the whole shabang to deal with .. thank you xD

      yep.. though I do get stressed about it, turning it to work would probably be worse ..


  7. I’m self-hosted but blogging is not my full-time job and would never be because I don’t like to have my hobbies as my job lol. Job for me is a mean to get money as I’m afraid that one day the hobbies that I like eg; blogging would feel like a chore to me.

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  8. Blogging is not my full time job, and I don’t want it to be. I feel then I would be stuck in virtual world and miss out on real world with real problem.
    I have seen that whenever there is a problem, it is the people in my real life who help me out
    In saying that, I have met my best friends through this blog world, and I love them to bits.
    So I suppose to each his/ her own

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