Goals and Dreams

Everyone has goals and dreams in their life, whether it be to own a company, buy a Ferrari, travel the world, be a billionaire or anything and everything in between. This post I’m going to talk about my goals and dreams in life.

I currently work in a kitchen, so I spend a lot of time thinking and daydreaming while I work. I had this thought today, so I thought I might as well share a little bit of myself with all of you.

Let’s start with my dreams. Since I was a young my dream car has always been a matte black Lamborghini Aventador. I know there is a lot of other more expensive or more luxurious cars out there, but this car was always been my dream car. My dream job would be working for a major video game corporation (Sony, Blizzard, Sledgehammer Games, Activision, etc.) or to have my own video game company where I can see my own ideas and the ideas of others come to life. I don’t really have a dream house or dream vacation.

There is a fine line between a dream and a goal. Dreams are about the destination, not the journey. Dreams are about the summit, the ‘nut’, the ideal outcome already realized. Dreams are about the vision, the big picture. Goals are about the final destination too, but much more about the journey. Yes, goals understand the target, the aim and the end result. However, goals require systems, processes, and structures to facilitate and achieve the end result. Goals are more likely, and dreams are usually an “It would be nice”, not always feasible.

I have tons of short-term and long-term goals all over the place so I will list a few. Some of the goals I have are to graduate college, find a good job and move into a new apartment. I have a few working out/fitness goals of being a lean 195lbs and have a total of over 1000 (1 rep max of a bench, squat and deadlift added together to be over 1000lbs). I have a goal of traveling the world and seeing as much as possible. I don’t have somewhere I want to live as a goal, just somewhere I am happy and where I am not bored all the time. I want to get married (to Kristina) one day, and I go back and forth on wanting kids. But my overall goal in life has always been and always be to have pure happiness.

My question today is, what is your 1 biggest dream and goal and why?

Thank you for reading my post and I hope you enjoyed and as always, have a great day!



5 thoughts on “Goals and Dreams

  1. OH this is such a sweet post – I find it great to think about your dreams and goals and it’s important to remember them and try to go towards them, for sure 🙂 I hope you’ll be able to achieve all of your goals and dreams, Alex! 🙂 x

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