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Blogoween tbr !! (Oct. tbr part 1)

Heey guys !!

October is so close I can smell it, and with it – so is blogoween !! aaah !! are you in yet? 😏 because you should.

With it being so soon now, I was thinking I shall give you my “To be read” for this event and thus, the month of October. I say “part one” as one of Lauren’s prompt, if you  had checked them, is called “Grimoire notes” – Which is kinda recap what you have read, your thoughts, rest of the tbr & etc. So I thought that would be my “part 2” where i’d go over how many I did read, some thoughts, which I wanna go for next, and other things I might wanna mention.

Sounds good? Here we go, then !

You know me, I rarely even post tbr on here .. I think I only ever posted a big one when I signed on to for #BeatTheBacklist; as of which, I am currently failing xD but that’s okay, I read more than 12 books total !! So I am happy.

One reason why I don’t post them often, is a) I have no idea what I would wanna read and b) I don’t know how many I will get to… and knowing me it’d make me sad not to complete them all so .. However!! since this month we have a special event going on; which, of course, only Haloween/crime/thriller or atleast Autumn-y stuff counts I decided I shall make one for the occasion !! (and so my reviews counts in the blogoween posts … ahah)

So, I have 3 books on it so far ; 

  1. The general theory of haunting, by richard easter

    Horror/fantasy/historical fiction ; I got this one off NetGalley, as you should know I am a lover of ghosts stuff- specially real ghost stories. This will also finish my e-arcs I had waay passed overdue; so yippee !! it’s probably not entirely will be what I thought it would be, now that i’m reading the synopsis … but hopefully I wouldn’t hate it.

  2.  The house by the cemetary, by John Everson

    Horror ; Again, got this one off NetGalley as I don’t really have horror books on my shelf at home and looked good, ahaha. Basically, a house is haunted by a witch and a guy buys it to show off as an attraction – and then the witch have rituals to make so she get back to life !

  3. The silver queen, by Josie Jaffrey

    Fantasy/paranormal/YA; Last but not least, The second in serie after “The gilded king” [my review]. Since I so loved the first one, I accepted to review the second aswell ! Supposed to be published on Oct. 17 !!

And that was my tbr, do you have a “Halloween” themed tbr aswell; What do you have on it ? Also, Will you be joining us in Blogoween? 


15 thoughts on “Blogoween tbr !! (Oct. tbr part 1)”

  1. I love horror and Halloween, my books are still in boxes but I will be reading at least one horror novel for Halloween. Can’y join the blogoween as I don’t always have time to blog but I’m looking forward to reading eveything 🙂 I have Heart Shaped Box by Joe Hill to read. I do have Coraline too. There’s so many books I want to read but I’m reading two right now and have one I just bought to read. My reading plans never work out LOL

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