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They got my back, or 5 characters i’d want by my side during Zombie Apocalypse!

Good morning !

That’s right, sticking with another #blogoween prompt today ; this time pinpoint on the right date and not late for once ! This prompt was imagined by Kaleena @ reader voratious ; you can see hers [here]. As you can tell by the title, today’s prompt is which 5 characters I would want in case of a zombie apocalypse!

Spoiler alert ; my characters will all be from my only two fantasy book i’ve read, aka “The Gilded King” by Josie Jaffrey and “Heavenward” by Olga Gibbs.

For thoses of you who read The Gilded King, you’d know this book had a bit of a “zombie issue” happening at the end of it; Which is why two of my characters came from that book in particular ; Just so handy, is it not?

  1. Cameron (aka Cam) ; He had saw Zombies many times in his lifetime, and know how to deal with them accordingly. I feel like that knowledge would be a precious benefit for one who want to fight them right, as he know how to eliminate them (well.. thoses from his world, anyway). Plus, being a vampire, he can travel super quick and is the one guy who had travelled a whole lot in the red for years.
  2. Lucas ; He is indeed younger than any other Silver in his universe, but with how he gave his all to protect Claudia and his Julia, he definately have his spot on my team ! And i’m not gonna lie, the way they did it made me giggle out loud just imagining it 😂 in the middle of the adrenaline rush, I just couldn’t help myself.

Now, onto the Heavenward part of my list ; No zombies in that world, unfortunately, but still amazing characters who can fight !

3. Ariel She is one fierce character ! That girl can fight, even when she haven’t had the time to acclimate to her new powers yet. Nobody can mess with her, she will give it her everything to fight back as hard as she can.

4. rafe ; The one who’s in charge of protecting Ariel in Sam’s absence, so obviously he’s a great fighter too – and we’d wanna have people who can do that in case of an apocalypse, mh? 😂 Also, same as Cameron, he’s a strong one who can fly (he’s an angel, so you know..that can be helpful)

5. last but not least, Sam ; He’s a bit “corrupted” on the side, but same as Lucas, I feel he’d be a great one to have as we know how good he is as protecting the one he love (aka ariel) – So i’m thinking he would fight double as hard as he’d wanna protect her (hopefully me aswell, *cough*) and is said to be one of the best hunter in his team, if I remember correctly.

And thoses are the characters I’d want fighting zombies with me!

Who’s on your list? Have you choosen some same character as me ?


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