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My local Urban Legends !

Good day, my lovelies !

This #blogoween prompt was an idea of Camilla @ readers in the attic; however I am somewhat making a twist, as the prompt is technically “Local supernaturals who demand a book” [link to her post right here]. From my research, we actually have books out that are some anthrologies collection of all of our Urban Legends in my canadian province of New Brunswick; thing is, I don’t believe it is available internationally.

So what I am gonna do is simply share them with you all 😘 I will do two stories today, as there’s a bunch; you can read them over here if you wanna find out more! Basically i’m gonna include one I was told growing up from my area, and one i’ve heard of after moving where I am right now !

« The phantom of the baie des chaleurs  »

also known as “bateau fantome”

In 1838, a ship coming from england named “Lady Coulbourne” had a wreckage near the Chaleur’s coasts; only 7 out of the 50 passengers survived the tragedy. The wind blew off the wreck and the cargo across New Brunswick coasts and most of the cargo has been found, however little of the gold or wine ever made it’s destination.

Legends says many has seen the phantom boat, on fire, with men and a woman on board – upon seeing it, it was to bring you bad luck. It is however unsure exactly of what the ship is, as there’s another version of the story involving native girls being kidnapped and casting a spell on said ship. But all claims seeing the boat on fire, and it cannot be reached – many fishermans had tried but reportedly said the ship always seemed to remain at same distance. It can stay and burn in one static place for hours, or travel a wind speed and slowly or immediately dissapear.

An acadian rock band “Trans Akadi” did a french song about this legend in 1998, called “bateau fantome”.

« Rebecca’s grave »

When the city was once a family farms’ land, in 1870, unusual events which were most likely caused by long winter, plague or famine, was to be thought to be an act of witchcraft at the time. There was rumors going around about having a witch in town after having seen strange lights floating in the sky, aswell as animals dissapearing.

The “witch” they believed they found was a 16years old farm girl named Rebecca Lutes. Legends says she got hanged from a large poplar tree, to be burried under where that tree would stand after it. As they still feared the dead witch, they supposedly burried her face down with a layer of concrete over it. They thought if she were to dig herself out, placing her downward would have her go deeper and not come back to the surface.

Her grave can still be visited to this day, on the side of the road lay the random slat of concrete. Many witnesses says her grave is one of the most haunted areas in the province, and upon Halloween nights a black cat has been seen sitting on the slab.

A movie about rebecca’s grave has been made by some local filmmakers; They have a website and you can check the movie trailer.

What do you think of thoses Urban Legend?

If you clicked the link and read some more, which is your favorite?

What’s some of your own area’s Urban Legends you can share with me?


18 thoughts on “My local Urban Legends !”

  1. The witch story is creepy, and most probably not true but still creepy enough. Sounds like a perfect plot for a movie. I am definitely gonna read up more on that link. And speaking of some from my own country, there are so many.

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  2. Oooh, these are so creepy! Especially the Rebecca one! I love urban legends, but they creep me out so much! 🙂
    The only one I can think of near me is about a road called ‘Ralph’s Wife’s Lane’, and apparently Ralph was a sailor who got lost at sea and died, and his wife still roams around that road calling out for him, and people have apparently seen her! I drive down that road to work early in the morning, so I’m always super creeped out!

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  3. Oooh, cool! 🙂
    I’m sure there would be some creepy legends for London / England, but you got me curious about my native country.
    Well, according to Google, nothing particularly witchy or mysterious.
    It was said the sculptor who made the lion statue’s for the most famous bridge in Budapest forgot to make them a tongue and then was so ashamed he committed suicide by jumping off the bridge.
    But even this was not true 😀

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