Grimoires’ Notes (Oct tbr part 2)

Happy sunday, everyone !

In case you haven’t seen my part 1 – please do go follow the link to give you an idea of what my tbr for October was, in the date of the end of September.

Today’s post is now Lauren’s last blogoween prompt, which is of course called “Grimoire’s notes”, which is basically an update on what you did read, what your thoughts was, and anything else you may wanna add. Feel free to go visit her post here.

🎃 First thing I wanna say, is that I haven’t went as far as I would’ve had hoped – as sadly, “The general idea of haunting” took me hell of a long time ! I started this book on Sept. 25 and I finished it on Oct. 10 – that’s 3 weeks !!

At first I felt kinda eh about it and the only reason why I havent DNFed was because I really wanted to see what in heck was happening in that hall !! In the end, I was so shocked about what I found.. and that ending !! Happy I didn’t dnfed it in the end.

*drum roll* I then gave it 3,5 / 5 stars and you can go read my review of it.

🎃 I went ahead and accepted another review request, as I thought fitted perfectly with blogoween and as my next two has the deadline in the middle of October … I could SO have fit another one in there! 😏

 It is a YA horror, named “Fountain dead“, and the publication’s date is actually mid-November.. but I intend to publish my review of it before or on Halloween if I can! It all depends onto how my other readings go.. *aherm* 

But yay ! Another ghost story, so this is right on my alley, here !

🎃 Now, I am moving onto “The silver Queen” ; which is the Tome 2 of The Guilded King by Josie Jaffrey, and Ohh !!! how I was so excited for this one !!! I actually haven’t forgotten anything from the tome 1 thus far, a book I so beloved with everything I have and still think about it, always.

I gotta say i’m kinda scared to hop onto the second tome, if it makes sense ? You know series aren’t “my thing” usually, and i’m kinda scared to be dissapointed along the way; even if upon finishing the first one, I was SO ready to just get to tome two right off the bat, ahah. But yes, I am SO ready to go back to Lucas & Julia, along with Cam — the cover also make me think of a couple of pointers, so i’m excited to see if i’m onto the right train of thought or not.

Update; So, good !!! I kept thinking about it at work, and all the time. Oh fudge I wanna scream at Lucas. and Lorelei. and just … WHAT ABOUT JULIA?! I so wanna know what he thinks about that one, do he miss her ?? do he really love her ?? WHY rufus ??! (I so had seen that one coming ..)

This was everything I could possibly update you about my tbr currently, again i’m kinda dissapointed I don’t actually have more to say .. but you know, I guess it happens. That one book took me so long to read that I now have to hurry big time to get back on track with two out of my three books remaining on my tbr :/ merp.

How was that half of October on your reading thus far?

What have you read? Did you liked them?

Let us know ! xx


2 thoughts on “Grimoires’ Notes (Oct tbr part 2)

  1. Ooh I’ve seen the Gilded King around and have been curious about it! I’ve definitely experienced the “Oh no, what if the sequel’s not as good as the first?” fear before, but I hope you love the second one too!

    And for my tbr…one of the books I read early this month kind of put me into a slump, so now I’m trying to get myself out of that! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh no! Such a bummer..
      It’s soo good so far!!! Which is good – less good is i had a wedding this weekend and though i couldve had read while travelling, i slept instead xd and then had a migraine :/


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