What about “Creepy Pastas” ?

What is a creepy pasta?;


A creepy pasta is basically an urban legend that has been posted mainly on the internet. It can be a “regular” paranormal inducing story, or something out of a video game; one of the most popular would be Ben Drowned out of Legend of Zelda; Ocarina of Time. 


Good Morning!

It’s monday again, and on this fine monday we shall be talking “Creepy Pastas” ! I think I first discovered it back in 2012; One day that I was bored at the office I was alone working at, and thus I went ahead and read some creepy pastas for the first time myself. (I had heard of it before, of course, but it was my first time reading it)

If you are knowledgeble of it, r/No Sleep on reddit would also count as creepy pastas.

When Alex first joined us, I had made them a category on here as it’s something both of us enjoyed. However, we are in october and I still haven’t done any review of any of them yet, oops !

As we are in #Blogoween right now, I think there’s no better timing to talk about it ! Even if you don’t read horror or maybe you don’t watch horror movies, it’s not quite the same if you ask me; so I think you can enjoy them too regardless ! As there’s many different “genres”, if you will, if you don’t want something realistic, you can always opt for some videogames related ones or made up stories !

Even though I just mentionned “Ben Drowned”, I never actually wanted to read that one ..Ocarina of Time being so precious to me in my memories, I don’t wanna have the possibility to “ruin” it in some ways .. 😂

Thoses that I remember having read is mostly pokemon ones; Cubone’s revenge (I really liked that one), Pokemon Black, Pokemon last silver, and one about Nurse Joys I cannot remember the name of it ..

I stopped reading about them for a while, and recently Alex showed me one of his favorite youtuber; Miniladd. Of course one of our “thing” is just to snuggle while watching his videos, and he have one playlist that is the “reddit” playlist; more specifically, a r/No Sleep playlist. Which is where this all ties together; as he basically go on the no sleep reddit, and read them to us. Some of them are really creepy !! but it’s also ones of my favorites of him, I just really love thoses creepy stories. Even if we won’t really know for sure if it’s actually real or not.

I’ll suggest giving that a look aswell ! kind of the “audio book” of creepy pastas if you ask me, ahah.


Have you read creepy pastas before? Did you enjoyed it?

If you just discovered them right now, will you go take a peak?

Which ones did you/will you start with?


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