End of October, Start of November

The start of a new month, yet again ! This year as gone so fast we only have 2months left to 2018.. wow. “Soon” i’ll be celebrating my 24th birthday.. 😥

As last month we were celebrating #Blogoween here on the blog, that’s why my Bujo post has been postponed to today; As I was needing 13 posts of Halloween, which is now completed !

If you’d wanna see all #blogoween posts from myself and Alex, i’d invite you to hover the “blogging” Category on the top of the blog, and you’ll find a “#Blogoween”. You can click on it and there they will be !

Last month’s Habit Tracker ;


I’ve been really “errh”… though my Blogging area still looks quite fine, I have slowed down on my reading at some point and “stalled”; which made me regress a bit in my goals that I was starting to get ahead again. oops.


October’s Events ;

¬ I reviewed two books this month ; “The general theory of haunting” and “The silver Queen“. The first has taken me 3weeks to read and though I LOVED the silver queen and gave it 5stars, I kinda slugged for a while as I being tired because new job and all, and just recently finished it recently.

¬ Thus, I am behind on one book I had on my tbr, which was published Oct. 18th that I am not quite halfway through, and another I had wanted to plop a review before Halloween ; but still isn’t late for as it publishes Nov. 20

¬ It has been the first month of me working as a barista! Definately a change from the sex shop, let me tell you 😂 throwing away my toys knowledge to gain some coffee knowledge.. however some things do remain the same; my good old mop and broom I need to do when i’m working evening shifts.. i’m not sure if the actual space is bigger, but it seems more energy-taking as I do need to push and lift the tables and chairs.. now that I know how to do the espresso bar it goes so much more nicely! And I do love my hands smelling like coffee grinds 🙈 and our pasteries are delicious!! My favorites are the chocolate chips oats cakes.

Additionally, I might get some arm & leg “training” without me even wanting to, ahah! As I need to carry the trash from the kitchen to the dumpster, and idk if you know, but a bunch of wet coffee grinds is heavy ; And I need to lift it over my head to throw in the bin. Plus when I close I need to fill both refregerators and I need to carry plastic boxes of bagged milk and stuff – like three trip as I cannot do all of them in one go, free muscle lifting !! ahah

¬ In the middle of the month, my uncle got married!! So myself and Alex went up north (3hour drive, x2) to go attend. Of course I cried.. even if I didn’t wanted to, I just couldn’t hold them. He got to meet a slim part of my family (on my mom side, but dad’s side is crazy big!) and we got to really pass a whole TWO days (aka a whole weekend, as he slept friday too) together for the first time. It was so nice, I can’t wait for it to be the norm *aherm*

Here we are ! All fancy looking, in a room upstairs of the old “acadian” Hotel the ceremony was happening

I showed him a bit of my hometown aswell.. but the wierd part is it’s a “mostly french only” town and people are not as bilingual as the town we are in now (though us frenchies do need to push on bilinguality most of the time) ; So I needed to translate for him. I can’t tell you how many time someone said: « Ah, You should learn him french ! », Which wasn’t funny anymore by the end of the night…

¬ We also had our first thanksgiving together ! In Canada, Thanksgiving is the first sunday of the month of October; which falled on the 7th this year. You can read see Alex’s post about it.

¬ Finally, we got our first snow !! October 18th.. Didn’t sticked yet and melt down, but it is definately colder and is starting to look like winter.. which i’m honestly not fond of it starting so early as it sticks until like late march.

¬ Very sad news, in the night between the 30th and Halloween, my implant piercing beside my left eye decided to let go. Not only it is a jewelry that I deeply loved as it made my face look better to me, but what happen is the bar going under the skin has holes in it for the skin to “grasp” onto when it heals.. and somehow the bigger tail healed properly while the smallest one let go in only two push.. leaving me with it half in and half off. the bigger part of it tangling outside my skin and one piece refusing to let me push it out.

It is making it harder for me emotionally as it’s not really just “well.. my body didn’t wanted to have it”, as clearly, i can see the skin INSIDE the hole and it’s like glued in. so my body didn’t rejected it, something just went wrong. I probably will need to go have it removed and try it again when it’s healed .. I said that before seeing what had happened, but it’s even more in my mind now that I see it isn’t my body not wanting that piece in my skin .. just my bad luck I guess.. kinda put the shadow in my month’s ending 😭 When i’ll redo it, i’ll place it a bit more down on the left so it has plenty of skin for it to grasp onto and I shall be fine..

For the curious, this is what the microdermal implant looks like !


October’s showcased posts ! 

❤ Becky @ Uptown oracle gave us some tips to help reduce hair loss ! I don’t know about you, but I lose a LOT of my hair, so this post was very welcomed from me.

❤ Beth @ Book Nest gave us tips onto how to be more organized; which is always handy if you ask me ..

❤ Sophie @ Beware of the reader did yet again one of her humoristic post with her top 5 hated tropes! I just love her posts so much !!

❤ For #Blogoween, Sophia @ Bookwyrming thoughts shared with us how our favorite characters are cursed !

❤ Kaleena @ reader voracious gave us a handy masterpost of social media guide !! really handy for any niche, not only us book bloggers, which is really neat.


Now onto November ! ;

Things remains pretty much the same around here, so let me know if you still wanna see all the “next month” pages anyway in the next ones Or maybe only my calender page and if there’s anything new in my BuJo ?

I do like doing my BuJo posts ! but I feel kinda pointless if all is gonna be the same.. but what do you guys think ?




Thoses were supposed to be bows.. xD looks like nothing..



How was your October; anything nice happened ?
Did you participated in #Blogoween too ? Will you do #Blogmas (i’m not..) ?

Do you have suggestions of new pages for my Bujo?
And lastly, should I still do the “next month” pages even if it remains basically the same ? 


12 thoughts on “End of October, Start of November

    1. It’s actually all healed up already! You can barely even see it..
      fret not, I’ll go get it redone sometime next year probably! (Giving my skin some time, still… and money 😂) though I won’t do the same placement, in case that one side didn’t had enough skin to grasp ir whatever

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Olivia-Savannah

    Congratulations to your uncle for getting married and I do hope you enjoyed your time with him and the wedding as well. Snow so early?! That’s too soon for snow but I am glad you enjoyed your first snow even if it didn’t stay for too long. I also really like that you are enjoying the new job. Can’t have too much coffee 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Best part of the job is probably that all drinks but bottled ones are free while working !! Also gives you the practice without fear of messing up..
      Luckily we havent got much snow afterward! I am in no rush honestly …

      Liked by 1 person

    1. No problem! Next week I have a « how I use my bujo » post going 😘 im constantly looking at this page like all the time xD which is a good thing as I do not forget to do whats on there 🤷🏽‍♀️ (for too long anyway, or I feel bad about it)

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Beware Of The Reader

    First thanks for the shoutout Kristina! Now I am hurting for you!!!! My daughter had her first piercing outside of her earlobe this year and I hope it goes better. Now you look so cute together 😉 And yes I can believe that you are getting good arm work as my daughter has a student job in a tea room and lifting trays with food, the trash, handling the broom and the customer’s mood is not easy every day!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh yeah! as you see on the picture it’s not a regular piercing .. she’ll be fine ! Atleast my healing is doing well, i’ll redo it as soon as I can – just not in the same spot. fingers crossed all will go well the second time !
      Aww thank you xx


    1. I do arleady write them in my weeks though.. I don’t “overspend” ? like yeah I bought what I need and food but thats pretty much it xD Im working afternoons until 9 last two weeks and still for 2 more weeks.. no much time for shopping ahah

      Yeeeah .. i’ll see how they have it planned. I just, i’m not a fan of christmas to start with so eerh ..


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