Let’s chat ~ November 8th

Good morning,

I know, i love to call thoses types of “chatty” posts the same way… *aherm* and forgive me to not having the strenght to get anything else posted for y’all today

I just wanted to update you on a few things, bookish and not, as it’s been quite a while since the last time!

Bookish news first;

> I have now an empty NetGalley!! “The house by the cemetary” ended up quite an “okay but not really” read (if you know what I mean..) and at only 31% it felt already suuuper long.. so I DNFed it. I still gave my thoughts on that and it was my last book I needed to have a 100% rating!

I keep checking by curiosity but haven’t gotten any new ARC from NG yet.
So that is complete for the time being; check!

Capture d_écran 2018-11-07 à 09.50.08

> Only thing remaining on my immediate “to review” list is a YA horror that an author reached to me for reviewing, which publishes on Nov 20.
currently reading this one.

> Next, I shall take a pause and get back into reading my french books. I just feel that I am into a place of mind where i’ve read only in english for so much time that my reads kinda get negatively affected?

Frankly, the recent novels i’ve read have either been a DNF or one I actually really loved but I just.. gneh. Completely stalled and wasn’t moving for a few days.

Not entirely the book’s fault, but my brain just… run in molasse 😂 It takes a bit longer to actually grasps on what’s going on and reread of phrases might be needed and.. I just feel I need to go back to my roots for a while for my reading to go up again.

> Lastly, I’ve been contacted to take part in a blog tour for early december! I’ll try my best to include a review along with my post in the tour, but if not that will be published at a later date upon completion.

I know i’ve wanted to take a break to finally get onto my own tbr shelf but… this book actually looked like a nice thriller and I find it hard to say no..


Other ;

> Sadly, my haunted sexshop story is really not moving.. I had gotten the idea one night and I am stuck. Idea has flown away and I have no idea how to finish this xd

Honestly have no idea how I can make it like, an actually good story too. So we will see how it goes.. maybe ideas will come someday or it’s destiny shall be to remain in my draft, ahah!

> The hole my piercing did next to my eye is already healed up ! I won’t go redo it now though (even if it’s not in the same time), but you only see a dot in the skin now, instead of where my jewel would have been. Kind of nice to be able to wash my face and all without needing to be careful of anything, but still kind of wierd ..

> I brought Sheik to the vet again… She was fine on the couch, and I turned my head to her limping on 3 leggies.. She wasn’t acting like when Kafei faked it, she kept laying down on one side and wasn’t playing. So I had to bring her in and took some X-rays.. I went in at 130 (was working at 230) but I got out at 330 crying and full of anxiety… so there was that.

The radio had said her shoulder was spaced a bit and that would’ve been for repetitive jumping (you see where I’d feel the guilt…) and to have her on crate rest and pain killers for 2days and if that wouldn’t do anything, we would need to put a big cast on her whole paw and shoulder. However, when he was feeling and moving her paw I heard a faint “plop!” so I don’t know if it was disloqued a bit and it got placed back before he took the radio, I have no idea.. We had went to a new vet as mine is alone now and she was full — so we got refered to another one, but that guy didn’t seem to know what was really going on in her radios and they were not that great..

Anyway ! all that to say we’ve cheated a bit to have her on leash so she don’t jump up or down and crate her only at night so she don’t howl to the dead too much.. but she’s been so peaceful since we had come back ! Even before I gave her the first shot of pain killers, she was no longer limping and on all fours. So that’s good ! Still gonna force her to rest, but she’d be ready to go already – which is a relief.

> We are officially in the middle of what people call “seasonnal depression” now and.. yeah november is hitting mine (and anxiety) pretty hard so far. Though my work load is slowly increasing since the past two weeks I just .. erh. My imagination for posts is also kinda dry at the moment too, not gonna lie x) so hopefully i’ll bounce back sooner than later !


And you, is there anything you’d wanna share with me ? 


13 thoughts on “Let’s chat ~ November 8th

  1. Pingback: End of November, Early December 🎁 – Books-and-Dachshunds

    1. She’s as good as new! However, no more balls for her .. she was yet again on three paws before I went to work two days ago 🤦🏽‍♀️ luckily we got her the kennel and the med again, was fine by the time work was over. Phew.. thoses give me quite the scare for her long little back

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  2. Empty NetGalley!! OMG! Congratulations!!!
    I have actually been crawling towards a cleaner one myself. I still have like 30 books to go, but my percentage is at 78% now. Don’t know if I will be able to go crawl up to 100% because I didn’t want to give feedback on some of the books, but it will be pretty close when I’m done 🙂

    That’s sad to hear about the doggie, I hope it’s better soon?

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    1. ahh, there’s one book I didn’t gave any feedback on ; for the rest I just had said why it didn’t worked for me with a 2 or 3 stars rating, depending on what was wrong.

      She’s already on her feet!! giving us a pain to try and keep her still ahaha she’s faster than we are..


  3. I hope things will turn to be good pretty soon, regarding the Sheik, your anxiety and everything. Sorry to hear about all that, but congrats on the NetGalley achievement! WOW! I am not sure that will ever happen to me!

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