Why I work out – My Story

So today is going to be more of a personal post. Let you guys know a little more about me. Today is going to be about why I started working out.

Well if I’m going to tell you why I started working out I’m going to need to go back about 6 years ago when I was 350~lbs. So if you are ready, let’s get started!

So as I was saying, this all started around 5-6 years ago when I was 325~lbs. As I was growing up and going to school since I was in kindergarten. I was always the tallest and usually the heaviest when I was going through school, all the way up until I graduated high school. Don’t get me wrong, there were other kids who were bigger than me but for whatever reason, I was the one who was picked on constantly. I was bullied every day from Kindergarten/grade 1 all the way up until I graduated. I don’t know why they all picked me to be the target but it was me. I didn’t have any friends or anyone I could talk to, the school system is garbage for dealing with bullying (I will be doing a post on that as well). It got so bad that I was eating my lunch in the bathroom stalls at school and crying because I had no friends or anyone to talk to. I did make a few “friends” because of some bad choices I made. The “friends” you make from drinking doing drugs. (I don’t drink nearly as much as I use to and I don’t do any drugs anymore besides smoking weed)

I realized something needed to change and the first thing that needed to change in my eyes was how I looked. I didn’t like how big I was or how I looked or felt carrying all the extra weight around. I started doing my research and learning about how to lose weight. My diet and the amount of exercise I got were the main things that needed to change. I started watching what I was eating and going for runs. I say run but it was more like trying to run and then getting winded and out of breath after about 8 steps, but I was always trying my best. I would run when I had the breath and walk when I wasn’t running. I was in cadets, so learning discipline and doing drill helped me stick to my diet and working out and drill burns a decent amount of calories. I believe by the time I graduated high school (2015) I was about 250-260lbs. I was still getting bullied but it didn’t affect me as much anymore because I had more self-confidence and I had friends now so I didn’t feel so alone. I still didn’t have any close friends where I lived, but I had a really close friend who lived out of province. After I graduated I packed all my stuff and moved 1500km away from home to go to college (and be with the person I was really close with).

So at 18, I moved out on my own and basically started over. I was in a relationship with my best friend and I was happy, I still wasn’t happy with how I looked even though my partner told me I looked good and everything I still didn’t feel like I looked good. In June 2016 I signed up at Goodlife Fitness, I decided to start lifting weights and putting on muscle and getting stronger. I could barely bench press the bar, I had a lot of difficulties squatting the bar and my max deadlift was 135lbs and my weight was still about 255-260lbs.

That was 2 years ago. Today my numbers are just a little different. My bench press is now 150lbs, my squat is now 200lbs and my new deadlift is 350lbs, which I hit on Halloween and in my costume. My weight is currently 223lbs (I weigh myself pretty often now). I am still not exactly where I want to be even though I am told I look good. I am always pursuing and wanting more. My overall goals are that I really want to hit a 700lbs deadlift, 350lbs bench press and 500lbs squat and to be a lean 190-200lbs, with abs and such because of course that’s the goal for a guy who has always been big/fat.

Today’s question is, what’s the biggest changes you had to make in your life and what was the outcome or effect that it had on you and your life?

Thank you so much for reading my post, this was a bit of personal post so I hope you liked it. Don’t forget to have a great day!



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