Dear Santa …🎁

bookending winterDear Santa, I’ve been good this year and all I want for Christmas this year are books…. 

So I usually ask for Indigo Chapters gift cards, because it’s so much easier to buy it myself than get books you haven’t really wanted, right?

I had put giftcards on my list this year too, but I actually put one book aswell ! Let’s find out which one i’d like ;

 [This prompt was Anthony’s @ Keep reading forward, for the 2nd of December.]

1. Le journal d’Aurélie Laflamme, Tome 9 ; India Desjardins


This one is a Quebec’s french serie I’ve grown up with; The books are written in the form of a diary, the one of Aurélie’s, who live with her mother as her father has died. We follow her from thinking she’s actually an alien and her father as gone to his native planet in first year of secondary school, up until her prom and birth of her baby sister (from 14 years old to 16).

Aurélie is someone I felt really alike; she’s clumsy, “wierd”, “rejected” by most people at school, and have her own way of thinking. The author originally intended to stop after the prom on Tome 8, but actually gave in for a tome 9 ; publishing it 8 years after the “last one” (2011).

In this new one, She’s now 22 and on her own ; finished her studies and working as a Journalist, having her own appartment, and basically trying to live as an adult for the first time. Just like me, at 24. When I stumbled upon the news this was getting published, I was ecstatic !!! I basically grown up with her, around the same age and all, and we have a continuation !!! aaaah !!! 🤩  Only downside is how my copies are from the very first edition….. and this one follow the LAST edition’s covers… merp.


2. Eliza & her monsters ; Francesca Zappia

Of course this one has been on my « To buy » list for a while and i’d absolutely LOVE to receive it this christmas ..

I’ve heard only great things about this book, plus an anxiety rep; Sign me the F in !! Only reason why I haven’t read it already is because it’s sadly only available in hardcover … and I just cannot bring myself to pay that much..


What books would you want Santa to bring you ?


12 thoughts on “Dear Santa …🎁

  1. Ooooo I really want to read and own Eliza and Her Monsters but erm…not in hardback *sobs* I just really want it in paperback ok, but I don’t think its out in paperback *frowns* I’ll have to snoop on that, since usually they do come out in paperback at some point xD

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  2. Olivia-Savannah

    I really hope you do get Eliza and Her Monsters this year! I do want to read that one as well and it is also on my to buy list. I am really hoping to get Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie this year under my tree.

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