Fireside Favorites / Best reads of 2018 !

bookending winter“Favourite reads of 2018 that I recommend picking up to pass the time whilst snuggled in with a hot coco next to the fire.”

I have read some wonderful books this year! However; my best reads is not necessarely thoses with the best star-rating, but rather thoses who have stuck into my brain and i’m still thinking about constantly.
*this list is not in any particular order*

[This was Lauren @ NorthenPlunder‘s prompt for December 9th]

1) The cornershop in Cockleberry Bay, Nicola may
I will never forget how this was my very first book given by an author, and how ectasic I was to read it; as it featured a dachshund in it !! The book was very enjoyable, full of twists I never had saw coming. And yeah, I do think of Cockleberry bay quite often; with my little Hot too, of course ! Definately a book I wanna reread.


2) The gilded king / The silver queen, Josie Jaffrey
I absolutely love Josie’s writting ! Even if thoses were written in english, they were very easy for me to read. She created such lovable characters (looking at you, Lucas !) and I love her different names for vampires & zombies [Silvers and weepers]. I can’t deny I do think of Lucas and Julia fairly often, which kind of reminds me of my couple in a way ahah ! And how i’d love to have one “silver” for me .. I just can’t wait to have the final book of the trilogy !!


3) Heavenward, Olga Gibbs
I’m happy to report i’ll participate in a book tour for the second book in the serie in 2019!! My very first fantasy book, I’ve never had experienced anything like it – I can’t wait to see what will happen with Rafe and Sam, how Ariel will evolve (hopefully still remaining fierce as ever!), and more importantly; will she save humanity ?



4) In a dark dark wood, Ruth Ware
This one is either loved or hated. And of course I loved it !! This book is the reason why I have added more Ruth Ware’s novel to my collection, and there was just something about that made-of-glass house in the middle of the woods on early winter that just.. I absolutely LOVED that atmosphere. First the novel surprised me onto being from a character trying to remember what happened, to who the murderer was; I hadn’t seen that one coming at all !


5) All the bright places, Jennifer Niven
Of course, ahah this book just .. broke me. While some is saying this is romanticing Mental Illnesses, I thought it was quite representative of how one deals with depression (though Finch is diagnosed with bipolar disorder and not depression like me, but his bipolar had some depressive episodes). Both Finch and Violet found their way to my heart at one point or another, and this book has so many good quotes from it.


If you’ve been on my blog for a while, none of thoses should be a “first time hearing this” ahah; Of course, out of the 21 i’ve read this year there was alot more books that I loved, but thoses fives are thoses who impacted me the most in 2018.

What are your best reads of 2018? Do we have any in common?Β 


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