Good morning !

Today we have a brand new tag, created by Becca @ BeccaLeighanne that I volunteered to play along (we all know how I love tags !)

The rules are simple enough; you put that ipod (or wtv you are using xp) on shuffle and pick between 5 to 10 songs, for which you need to say anything bookish that the song reminds you of — and No, no explanations are needed ! Of course you can, like i’m gonna do, but it’s up to you. In the end, you wanna tag between 5 and 10 people and voila !

Chasing the Sun – The wanted [X]

I’m gonna go with The Sovereign Serie (Gilded king & Silver Queen) by Josie Jaffrey. In the music video, all the singers have that “sun tattoo” and I think I read somewhere it’s about vampires in some way ? so yeah.


Take your time – Sam Hunt [X]

mmmh this is a hard one .. I guess it can fit with the start of What if it’s us by Becky Albetalli & Adam Silvera ?


Grounded – NatesWantToBattle [X]

Of course we had to fall on ONE Legend of Zelda inspired song ahaha .. erm.. For some reason I wanna say Ariel from Heavenward Again (see runner up) ; Just the way she’s so fierce and now have a chance to either save humanity OR make them pay for all the pain they made her feel and get her revanche.


Keep Up – Hyper Crush [X]

< Can you keep up?
With my body moving back and forth like speakers
When I’m dancing you can barely see my sneakers
Can you spin me like a record? Spin me like a record? >

Just for this “Can you beat me to this” competition, which is the core of the song, imma go with The art of French Kissing by Breanna R Shrum.


One I love – Sederwall [X]

Finishing up with a super mario brothers inspired one now xD ..  I kinda wanna say Sweet Thing by Renée Carlino for absolutely no reason ? Will and Mia love each other so deeply, and yet Mia just.. not wanna fall for it in fear of losing a friend – until they just cannot hold it anymore and, Will is just the best; this couple melt and broke my heart on SO MANY occasions !!


Runner up; The fighter – Keith Urban & Carrie Underwood [X]

Sam & Ariel of Heavenward by Olga Gibbs !! I actually cannot see anything else now when I listen to this song .. I had just finished the novel and I was in a phase where this was all that I listened to, and one night where I couldn’t sleep I just kinda made a link and it stuck with me since. Tweeted the author and made her night 😅

Capture d_écran 2018-12-14 à 22.56.18
Not gonna lie.. this made me SO happy too !


Okay, I cheated a little bit.. *aherm* forgive me 😂 the runner up wasn’t on shuffle as it was THE one I actually had something bookish linked to it in reality and really really wanted to share !! I also skipped some tunes in french or that just was way too hard for me ..

but there you have it ! What I like the most is we shall all have different songs, and even if some get repeated, we may not think about the same things At. All. !!


That being said, I tag; 

Tecsie @ tecsielity
Lauren @ northenplunder
Andreea @ Cheekylines
Fanna @ Fannatality
And  anyone who wanna attempt this !


What do you think of my answers ? Did I do good ? 



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