We’re there, folks !!

2019 is RIGHT THERE, we can almost touch it !
Happy “early” New year everyone, I wish you all the best; love, happiness and everything you may want. 💜  Let’s this year be a wonderful year.

Now’s the time to check what I have done this month and what I planned for our very first month of 2019, January.

December’s Habit Tracker; 

I like the fact the squares are so much easier to track; opposite to what I had before where I needed to “focus” onto where to do my square (which id mess up some times..). I am quite happy with the overlook of this honestly, though I had quite some problems with walking the weeins this month too AKA Sheik’s hopping on 3paws, storms, rains, etc.. Still need to work on that and find a solution onto stopping Sheik of being back on 3paws after I bring her for walks (harness problems?? faking?? Idk..) 🤦🏽‍♀️

December’s events ;

I had participated into bookending Winter; which I’m pleased to say I had successfully done the 3-5 posts recommended ! I feel there was so much good posts to do this month, yet not enough days to post them.. ahah !

I had done a total of five posts, as of which can be found under the “blogging” category; hover over the word and you shall see a “Bookending Winter” appear. click on that and you’ll be brought to all the ones i’ve done!

I had also participated to a blog tour for the book “Can you hula like Hilo Hattie” ; I choosed to do a author interview for this one, as though I had wanted to read the book truthfully my kind of “slump” of November made it impossible for me to read it on time.. and butcher-read it too fast wouldn’t had be good for neither me or the book. So I am postponing a review later on

❋ I finished THREE books this month !!
What if it’s us (bilingual review), Radio silence (Bilingual review) and lastly Eliza & her monsters (review coming Jan. 6th).

❋ I’ve donated blood for the second time on the 3rd !! I had been wanting to go earlier but as it’s recommended to not lift heavy stuff up to 24hours afterward.. I was waiting for me to have two days off work in a row; which was apparently not happening until then xD (I was due for giving after November 7th… so almost a MONTH after)


❋ “fun fact”, I actually mesured how long my weein’s are ! We were right onto Sheik being longer than her older brother. She’s 16,5″ long while Kafei is 14″ 😱 That’s insane how she had a “long-ing spree” coming at 2years old .. but that’s what happened, ahah!

Enjoy some “Christmas Weeins” !! Please excuse the “blurryness”, idk what mom did with her camera.. anyway.

❋ We had our gift exchange with Alex on the 12th, as he was leaving me to go see his family on the 21st .. (and since we aren’t too lucky weather-side..). I’ve received a Dachshund calender, a Legend of Zelda Tumblr and ELIZA & HER MONSTERS!!! He did quite good, if I do say so myself ahah.


❋ As i’m off work 7 days out of the 12 Alex is gone… I went ahead and got another month of Netflix xD So I can finish my “Paranormal Survivor” serie I was already watching, and also finally watched “to all the boys ive loved before” !!! Oh how I loved it, though I haven’t read the novels yet (I want to though..) ; Planning to watch the new Sabrina serie next .. and idk what else. Do you have suggestions for what I shall pick up ?

Not on Netflix, but i’ve also been wanting to re-watch Cardcaptor Sakura !! I had grown watching that translated in french and I barely remember it.. needless to say I do have enough time now, haha…

On Christmas, I ended up receiving BOTH books I had wanted, aswell as an Indigo Chapters giftcard from my parents !! (now what imma buy with it.. mmmh 🤔)
They also gave me plenty of chocolates and candy, aswell as a cosy blankie !!


❋ I turned 24 years old on the 27th ! To celebrate, I’ve done the “Birthday book tag”. And yes, sadly I had to work on my birthday … Luckily I was working with my favorite coworker, so that was fine, ahah.


2018’s lasts loved posts ;


Onto some new pages ;

My calenders always pretty much look the same, by now, with the additionnal quotes & things I wanna remind myself of the left of it


I choosed to put my goals & book read as my second page; see more here, where I recap 2018 goals and give my 2019’s.


I actually really loved this format in December, so I went ahead and used it again !


Tried to do a “festive” page here, ahaha ; on the left you have the usual <I was tagged in; ..> page, but I decided to remove what has been in my drafts.. because I just don’t see the point anymore. Keeping the area to place my ideas though, so I can use them later on.


And lastly, this is what my weekly pages looks like ! my squares definately looks more even that on some months xd apart of that, no real changes here.


Happy January !!
Have you added some new pages onto your Bujo for this new year?




20 thoughts on “End of December, Start of 2019 💫

  1. OMG I LOVED Cardcaptor Sakura as a kid! I watched every episode on TV until they translated it into a regional language (Hindi). Stopped watching it right away. I wanted the English version. :/

    I love recommending Netflix shows to people! If you don’t mind International shows, you should definitely check out Dark! It’s a German show that’s so freakin’ amazing and I’ve made so many people watch it so far, haha. xD

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awww, i was watching it in quebec french!! (Closest to us, opposed to france french. Quebec would keep the english name while france would… mess everything up)

      Mmmmh idk if ive seen « dark » on my netflix before 🤔 or if i need to do something to include int.? Id need to check if it’s there.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Ah thanks for sharing my posts lovely! I’ve recently started back up with my blogging journal….bujo? I mean I guess it’s a bujo for blogging and other things haha. So I may share that at some point on my blog. I hope you have a great New Year! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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