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As it’s honestly been a while since we talked “video games” on here, let’s do just that today. I’ve been playing this franchise since I was 5years old; my uncle having introduced me to Ocarina of Time on his N64 and I’ve played 95% of them to this day (only missing the NES ones and the CDI’s if you wanna count them)

Zelda; Breath of the wild came out almost two years ago (March 3rd) on the nintendo switch and Wii u; yet !! Your girl here just cannot. let. this game. die !! I’ve restarted it from scratch up until defeating ganon/did all the sidequests/finished the downloadable contents atleast 4-5times..

1) The Open world !!

Since i’m a child, I just love roaming around hyrule okay.. and this world is SO BIG!! I seem to discover something new each time I restart. I can fool around for DAYS doing sidequests/find the little koroks buddies before actually going onto my quest to save Zelda ahah .. and the graphics are just so beautiful. They really did the best job on this one (and im on the wii u !! I don’t even have the super fancy version)


2) Link & Zelda’s relationship

I can’t get enough of seeing the little clips from Link’s memory when finding the Sheikah slate’s pictures. She starts by being annoyed by his presence reminding her of how lame of a princess she is, to getting her powers awakened as she wanna save him. and that heart wrenching one when they’re running in the forest and she let go of his hand !!!! The best Link/Zelda combo in my opinion after Skyward Sword.


3) Another side of Zelda

In the other titles, Zelda has always been the descendant of the goddess and seemed to get her powers right away. In BOTW, you get to read her diary and see her really having emotions and being weak through the memories cutscenes. Her dad taking her efforts for granted and telling her how the kingdom see her as a failed princess, you see all that she does go through to desperately gets her powers.. Her character is so much more in-dept, more realistic. We can really see how much of a badass she really is !


4) tie-ing everything together

This one seems to be THE one where all the other games collides. You can find little “easter eggs” from the other games; LonLon Ranch’s ruins, The Courage’s Spring can be found in Skyward Swords, The devine beasts are based off characters of other games (Vah Ruta for Ruto, Vah Naboris for Nabooru, Vah medoh for Medli and Vah Rudania for Darunia)


5) Some favorite characters

There’s the Yiga clan – annoying a tiny bit but just so funny by how unable they really are ๐Ÿ˜‚, Riju the Gerudo Ruler, Mipha the Zora’s champion .. and Asarim of course !! With his speaking by rhymes telling us of some hero’s “challenge”


Have you playes BOTW yet ? Do you want to ?
and, because im curious, Which one if your favorite Zelda game?


7 thoughts on “Why I can’t let go of Zelda; BOTW๐ŸŒฟ

  1. This is such a cool post! I know nothing about Zelda and I only have a 3DS, but I’ve been wanting to get into Zelda lately! I’ve been thinking about picking up The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D because it’s the only one I’ve seen in-store and people seem to enjoy it. Where do you think I should start, as I’m a total novice and know nothing about the characters?

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    1. As I started myself on Ocarina of Time (but on my uncle’s N64) this is a good one to start with, of course !
      But you also have two other choice; Majora’s Mask and A link between world. The first one has a time “limit” of 3days you need to restart all the time and can seem pushy for a starter (but some did started with this one !) — And then Link between world is unlike the others where you can buy the items you need and can go do the dungeons in any order you want.

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