My Good Reading Habits Tag

I found this tag over at Holly’s @ Nut Free Nerd  and quite liked the idea; so here I am, doing it ! 😉

Let’s try our best to find good thing we do surrounding our reading, shall we ? Also, please note that this will be things that I personally think are “good habits” and yours may be different than me; Or you may not think thoses I stated are good ones, and that’s alright ! 🙂


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  • List some of your good reading habits, the things you think you do well
  • Nominate some of your blogging friends


My “Good Habits”;

I review 99% of the books I read; maybe not all on my blog, but also on goodread and/or netgalley. Since I started this blog, there’s only ONE book I haven’t reviewed at all which is “Such a good girl” by Amanda K Morgan — Because well … I just have no idea what to say about it xD

✤ I read in both of my known languages; It’s only been a year since i’ve started reading in english, but this opens up so much more books to me ! As sometimes it may take YEARS for a book to be translated in French, or might just not get translated at all.. on the opposite side, I feel like after reading several english books in a row I just need that break and go back to my “source” (aka french books) or else everything just feels flat.

✤ I don’t look at reviews before reading a book or isn’t affected by them; So, Ithink I have a pretty good idea of what I’d like or not by reading the synopsis.. As we all know we all read books differently/see mental health reps differently, I choose to not peak at someone else’s thoughts before making my own because I fear that i’d get biased upon what i’ve read in thoses reviews. I much prefer read them after I’ve made up my mind on if I love a book or not to see if other readers had the same opinions that I did !
(and maybe fangirl a bit about said book in the comments *aherm*)


I tag .. *drum roll* ;

Jamsu, Lauren, Clo, Sim, Gayathri and everyone who wanna do it, of course ! 🙂


35 thoughts on “My Good Reading Habits Tag

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  4. That’s such a great tag! And I love your habits! I’ve started reviewing all the books I read too, even if they’re books I bought for myself, not requested or received for review. That is the fun of it if you ask me. I sometimes stay away from reviews, other times I check them to see if the book is something I might enjoy reading. It depends. Sometimes I’m able to not let another reviewer’s views see the book differently while I’m reading it, other times I’m aware of a detail just because of that review.

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    1. Yep! One of my next post is my opinions on reading reviews. And while its not my « go-to » posts, id go pretty much only after ive read it or if its a book i know I wanna read. Not really for making the choice in itself but to know more things about it if it make sense?

      Same! It’s even more nice for a book you loved and purchased yourself as its basically just « GUYS! I bought this and OMG LOOKK!!! READ THIS » (basically me with Eliza & radio silence xD)


  5. I feel you so much with the language! More often than not, publishers in the Netherlands start to translate a series.. and stop after the first or second book because it’s not popular enough. And I get it, they need to make money. But for the people that read only Dutch it sucks.. So I have a couple of Dutch authors I read, but most of the books I read are English.


    1. ahhh, I have books like perfect chemistery and sweet thing that I couldn’t read the sequel(s) because it wasn’t translated so I feel you !
      I just realized a few month ago that now I CAN read in english, it means I can read it now 😅

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  6. What a great idea for a tag, I’m definitely gonna do it … eventually haha.

    I also review most of the books I read! Though sometimes it’s just a quick line or two (“this protagonist is so annoying, and I hate the love triangle, but the worldbuilding is cool”) to remind me what I thought, I got into reviewing for myself first and foremost, so it’s a habit that’s stuck. I’ve been meaning to branch out into reading in other languages, but I think I need to brush up on my Spanish and Chinese first, because it’s been quite a while and I’m rusty 😅 But I’m terrible at not peeking at everyone else’s reviews before I start … in some cases it’s helpful because I can find out ahead of time that a book is problematic (so I don’t have to waste my time on it), but in others I do feel like it skews me one way or the other by “priming” my brain to notice the things others have mentioned when I might not have picked it up on my own.

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    1. Definately ! other way around, I read reviews where someone would’ve said their relationship was toxic for exemple.. and im standing there scratching my head onto HOW I didn’t thought it was problematic myself XD even quite thinking the opposite.

      Ah, no worries ! I’ve been studying english since I was 7 ithink, and I just started branching out at 23! so that leaves quite the bracket of time where I thought I just couldn’t read in that language and found it boring !

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