Indigo Chapters Book Haul !

Hello !

So, I finally got the chance to use the $50 giftcard I’ve got for christmas ! When you work 3-9pm.. you don’t quite have the time 😅 and if it wasn’t for mom pulling me out, I would’ve taken way more time too ! hah..

The major problem when you are a book blogger is that you have SO MUCH choice, but so little funds *aherm* .

Before starting.. just look at this tiny book!! You can’t really see much, but it was only the height of my hand !! I’ve never seen thoses before!

First, I picked Starfish by Akemy Dawn Bowman.. then I took Emergency Contact by Mary H.K Choi.. They were not particularly what I’ve wanted at this point, so instead, I picked;

  • When we Collided by Emery Lord
  • Words on the Bathroom Walls
  • and of course a new dotted Bujo Leuchtturm 1917 in pink as mine will be done soon!




This was a rather small mini haul for my first of thoses ! 😅 I’ve thought of picking up my beloved “All our bright places” by Jennifer Niven before picking up Words on Bathroom Walls.. and at that point mom was bugging me to come home xD

But luckily, all of thoses were on my “Virtually wanna read” Goodread list, so that’s good! ahaha I didn’t stranded away from it (*aherm* as I usually always do) and I did quite good as I ended up only having to pay $7 out of pocket. JACKPOT! 


Have you read one of thoses already? Did you enjoyed?
Which one should I pick first ?


24 thoughts on “Indigo Chapters Book Haul !

  1. Truly Booked

    I have indigo in the mall I work in and let me tell you, the struggle is real.

    For some reason, if you buy online and have it shipped to store, you end up getting a lot more Plum points than otherwise so I tend to browse in store and then go to buy online.

    P.S. I’m really happy that you got some stationary in there. I love the stationary at Indigo.

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  2. I haven’t read those, but the John Green book.. Those are the worst. They sell pretty well here since loads of people travel by train and buses here so the become increasingly popular. But it’s such thin paper, like the ones you use in bibles. And the letters are so small, plus they break fairly easily 😦

    Also When We Collided should be good judging from the amount of people that have recommended it to me :p

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    1. I needed one, so thats good ! But i almost went ahead and get another pen 😂 my one i really like has a dangling gem attached to it and I feel it’s almost out … BUT I didn’t wanted to take that out of my precious card ahaha


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