Seven Deadly Sins ☆ Review

Say what?

An anime review that isn’t by Alex?  yep ! 😘
Of course, he has done his reviews on this one too; which you can go ahead and read it aswell. Unlike him however, I watched the dubbed and not the subbed version that’s available on netflix (I just prefer it that way, I find that they sound wierd.. 🙊)

** Also note that i’ve only watched the episodes that was available on Netflix, so up to Ep.4 of Season 2. (Starting season 3)

I started watching this one after Alex had shown it to me; I was reading the finale of “The Sovereign” serie by Josie Jaffrey and I was going on about lucas (*aherm*.. of course) and how the silvering worked and all. He then introduced me to this anime as he said it was a similar vibe as my book I was telling him.

First thing that attracted me was Melodias the sin of wrath, as you could’ve had seen in my “I Heart Character” post; He was just so adorable, and some things he said was just.. so wise. He’s yet also very goofy. I just turned into a full on obsession for that one, ahah! All the other sins are quite charismatic also, except gowther that I still find a bit wierd.. Ban would probably be my second favorite, being the sin of greed and just generally “cocky” (god, aren’t we just loving thoses, eh?!).

Usually i’m not that much a person who’s into alot of “fighting”, but this anime is different. I feel like it’s not only fighting for fighting; There’s an actual plot and it can be necessary in a way as most of the time, it’s for saving people. I wouldn’t say it’s overly gory either, except that ONE scene, as the only thing you really see is splashes of red blood and things like that.

I am definately SO HOOKED on this.. and will be looking forward to see how the adventures will bring our lovely bunch!


Have you watched/Are planning to watch this anime ?
I’d love to hear your thoughts on it !

**Also, as this is of course my first Anime reviews, I’d love to hear you onto if you think I should add some things/something is missing 🙂


4 thoughts on “Seven Deadly Sins ☆ Review

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