Top 4 animes I wanna (re)watch !

Hey there !

So, with how much I enjoyed Seven Deadly Sins and how much I watched every day, safe to say i’m gonna get to the end eventually; and rather quickly xD So here is my top 5 Animes, available on Netflix or not, that I feel like re-watching !

This list isn’t in any particuliar order, just some animes that I remembered myself of and though “Omg! I gotta finish this again”

4. Card Captor Sakura

Back in my old days, maybe around my 5-6years old, They dubbed this anime with Quebec French at some point and it was airing on our tv ! This is the anime with the most blurry memory on this list; I don’t quite remember everything (Damn it’s been a long time !) but I do remember the characters, Sakura’s crush on her older brother’s friend, a few captured cards ..and as I was young and basically only watching it when I caught it playing, I don’t think i’ve even watched all the episodes of it !

3. Pokemon; Indigo league

I might be a bit of a genwunner… *aherm* if you know what that is. (aka “Omg gen one is better and will ALWAYS be- pokemon nowadays is stupid ; Though I do play the recents games and such..). Same as Sakura, we had a Quebec french version airing on our Tv that I used to watch with my uncle ! Same one who made me play Mario, pokemon and zelda games when I was 5. What’s the difference in Quebec French and France French dub you might ask? Quebec kept the pokemon names in english !!! As France just.. switched them all to some wierds french ones xD I rewatched a few of this one in 2012, but my favorite episodes is the one with the squirtle gang and the haunted house one with the Gastly Family.

2. Avatar; the last airbender

Fast forward to when I was a bit older, about 12 years old ? Again we had this airing in french and I used to watch it every. day. before going to school and I used to love it so much !! I just saw it was on Netflix recently and just went “OMG!”

1. Soul Eater

For some reason, when I go into “obsess mode”, I start to have panic attack. I watched atleast the first 40episodes of this one before I just couldn’t bare with the panic anymore.. Though in that case it was related to my ex liking it so maybe that was the reason, idk, but I really really liked Soul and I never actually got to see what happened in the end ! So I shall try this again.


Of course I wanted to do a top 5 but I actually couldn’t think of a 5th one ahaha oops !

Have you watched thoses, do you like them?
What’s some anime YOU would wanna rewatch?


25 thoughts on “Top 4 animes I wanna (re)watch !

  1. I’m generally not into anime/manga, but I’ve been planning to watch Avatar the Last Airbender since forever. People are saying such good things about it. When I finally got access to netflix I was very sad to discover it’s not available there.

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  2. I never got to watch Card Captor Sakura it was on during times when I was in after-school clubs I think, but, I am absolutely going to have my Daughter watch it, she also is a HUGE fan of Avatar the Last Air Bender and has me watching it all the time, in fact, I just bought it for her for Christmas lol. Did you like Sailor Moon? That’s another one I used to love.

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  3. Beware Of The Reader

    I don’t watch Animes!!! That’s my son’s specialty but I watched some “cartoons” made in Japan when I was a kid like Candy and The Zodiac’s knights …or Albator 🙂

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