When picking up a book, we usually enjoy seeing the characters being in the same shoes as we are, or so we can relate to that character in a way or another.

For many of us, this means finding books that have a rep for whichever mental illnesses we may have; which was my case ! In case you were wondering, mines are all around Anxiety and Depression. Both of which I have been profesionally diagnosed with.

* They are under no particular order, and there’s a mix of some i’ve read and some haven’t gotten to yet and/or on my virtual wanna read *


❍ Reasons To Stay Alive, Matt Haig

❍ Eliza & Her Monsters, Francesca Zappia [My review]

❍ Under Rose Tainted Skies, Louise Gornall

❍ Starfish, Akemi Dawn Bowman

❍ Emergency Contact, Mary H.K Choi

❍ I Am More Than My Nightmares, Jennae Cecelia

❍ My Heart and Other Black Holes, Jasmine Warga

❍ Notes on a Nervous Planet, Matt Haig



I fear that i’ve most probably missed a few, though I did go through the books on my shelf aswell as thoses in my “Virtual Wanna Read” on goodread. Of course i’m always on the look-out of even more books about that topic ! So please let me know if you have more book titles in mind that might work for me ❤︎


Have you read any of thoses, did you liked them ?
Do you have the same as mine, or is it different ? If so, what it is ?


29 thoughts on “Books i’ve picked up because of my Mental Health

  1. I have both Matt Haig books coming from Book Depository so hopefully I will see them soon though that’s always up in the air 🙂 I love his non-fiction so I think I will really like those!
    I wound up really not liking the romance in Eliza- I thought he behaved like a child and guilt-tripped her and it really affected the rest of the book for me. Turtles all the Way Down is one where I really saw my OCD and anxiety to the point where sometimes it was uncomfortable to read. Thanks for the recs!

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    1. I sure hope you do ! Non-fiction was a first for me and.. it was really well-put!
      Ah, I see.. it did was a little bit, yeah. Though he came back and apologized for it, didn’t he?
      No problem ! Happy you enjoyed my recs xx


  2. mental health rep is so important! I’ve heard so many good things about Eliza & Her Monsters and Matt Haig in general. I also really liked Fangirl (anxiety), Life Inside My Mind (essay anthology from 31 different authors, several different mental health conditions), and – if you like John Green, I know he’s kind of polarizing 😜 – Turtles All the Way Down.

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    1. Life inside my mind sounds interesting! My main thing anout fangirl is that im not sure as im not a fan of harry potter eh … and i’ve heard saying its kind of a fan-fiction kinda thing?
      Turtle all the way down I just.. I dont get the synopsis of that book xD no idea whats going on there ahah

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  3. Hey, I hope you get better soon! I was on borderline depression just a year ago and I remember how hard recovery was. I think reading such books helps you cope (It did for me) and well, if you need someone to talk to, I’m always here 🙂

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    1. Thankfully, medication does it’s wonder for me! So I do not feel the relapses as often (though of course it’ll still be happening)
      Anxiety and/or depression is something reccurent in my dad’s side of my family. So it’s not something I can “get over” off, and more something i’ll need to live with 😅
      But Thank you xx

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  4. I will always recommend books by Alice Oseman, Solitaire revolves around depression and it’s such a dark, but relatable read. Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell is focused around anxiety I believe, and Queens of Geek by Jen Wilde also focused on a MC with anxiety

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  5. Loved all the recs! I have the same illnesses as yours and will definitely read the books mentioned here that I haven’t yet. Also,I just bought emergency contact today but didn’t know that it had mental health rep in it. Will get to it soon!

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