Valentine’s Day 2018

So as most of, if not all of you may know, Thursday was Valentine’s Day or just another day to people who don’t like to celebrate it for there own reason. Today’s post is about what I did on Valentine’s Day this year! So if you are ready, let’s get started!

So of course I spent sometime with Kristina on Valentine’s days itself. So around 5pm I went up to her place and we hung out for a little bit, we decided to go out for dinner the next night (Friday) because we both knew everywhere was going to be packed with people, so we just stayed home, which was fun also. So we did a gift exchange and I gave her a card that I wrote lots of Valentine’s Day jokes and puns on the inside of the card. I also have her 2 heart shaped boxes of chocolates and a big stuffed animal that I don’t think she has named yet hahaha. There wasn’t much she got me because of the fact that I’m on a diet currently. She gave me a card with a cute note in it, a Hershey’s cookies and cream bar (one of my favourite chocolate bars) and homemade “girlfriend coupons”. She said there was supposed to be another thing but she ordered it online and it didn’t show up in time to give it to me for Valentines Day, so she will just give it to me for my birthday, which is next week so it’s all okay! After that we cuddled up and started watching Seven Deadly Sins and snacked a little. It was a really good time!

For me February 14th isn’t just Valentine’s Day, it is also my moms birthday. I can’t really go see her this time of year because I live 1400km away from home and being in school and working and everything it makes it very difficult. So as I do with every holiday that I am not home I call home and talked to my parents for a little bit. We talked about the usually, everything going on, life events, etc. It’s always nice to catch up with them.

Friday night is the night Kristina and myself celebrated Valentine’s Day and we went out to supper. I made a reservation at Moxies (I don’t know if you know this place or not but it’s kind of a fancier restaurant). I wore a dress pants, dress shirt and dress shoes and my nice jacket and watch that my dad gave me and Kristina wore a nice dress. We got to the restaurant around 5pm, we already knew what we were both getting for most part before even going into the restaurant. We got the table side fresh smashed guacamole, which was very good. For our mains Kristina got the Miso Ramen (of course) and I got the Chipotle Mango Chicken, we both liked our mains a lot. For dessert She got the Mint Chocolate Chip Gelato and I got the white chocolate brownie. The brownie was a lot bigger then expected and I got very full about halfway through the brownie, but I’m no quitter and I got the rest of the brownie down, somehow. After we finished eating we were going to go see a movie but there was nothing playing that got our attention so we just called it a night.

Today’s question is, what did you do for Valentine’s Day this year? And what should Kristina name her new stuffed animal?

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my post, I hope you enjoyed and don’t forget to have a great day!



4 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day 2018

  1. awww it sounds like you both had a lovely time. Valentines is usually me being very salty haha, and complaining about the radio stations all playing love songs. Actually I get salty as soon as Valentines things go up in shops (can we tell I’m single haha) I can’t even remember what I did on Valentines now, probably blog related things or writing to be honest.

    As for names for the teddy….I mean we’re nearly in March so I’m hoping Kristina’s named it by now?

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  3. well, I didn’t wore a dress in the end! ahaha also a good idea for suggestions for the teddy.
    In case anyone wanna know; one of the weein does enjoy the teddy alot xD he just lays down next to it (even when im not home, he sneaks to my room if the door ain’t closed and just lay next to it!)

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