Good morning!

This tag has been created by Brigid @ Brigiddowney for Valentines’ day, and she tagged me! I’ll admit it’s far over by now BUT the reason why I wanted to do it today is that myself and Alex are celebrating our 9months together !! yaay!!


  • Link back to the original post (this one).
  • Link the person who tagged you
  • Tag at least 3 friends
  • Have fun!


1. When did you meet? and how long have you been together?

June 2nd was our first date soo.. Sometime in May ’18, possibly? As I just said in my intro, we’ve been together for 9months today! yep.. we went pretty quickly, ahah


2. Where was your first date?

So my original Idea was at the fair (which was on the site of a bowling alley) — Unfortunately, weather is not quite on our side and it was rainy… plus it was all spinning rides so eh, my head was spinning pretty quickly. We did a few rides, aswell as the ferris wheel, and we ended up going inside to play a few games of bowling and take a few drink at the bar beside the bowling alley.


3. Who’s older?

*aherm* I don’t look like it.. but I am xD By a two years.


4. Who’s taller?

Alex is, I reach pinpoint to put my ear on his heart 😂 I am tiny.


5. Who sleeps in later on the weekend?

Considering he works early even on the weekends (and specially on the weekends..) I do! Though most of the time I do work around 8/9am, while he … well, he does 5/6am; a bit of a difference here x)


6. Who’s neater?

..I’d say me ? 🤔 Having a mess bothers me.


7. Cute nicknames?

I am his strawberry and he is my pumpkin!


8. Share a picture you think represents your relationship.

Okay so, we actually don’t take much pictures together.. as he do not like it xD To be fair.. I have specifics on when I do feel pretty or not so eh ahah.

I’ll pick this one, taken back in October 2018. Just look how tall xD You can see me standing on my tippy toes, ahah

Feel free to consider yourself tagged if you want to do it !
I’ll however be tagging;



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