Pre-Scheduling & organizing VS Mood blogging

Heyy it’s our first post for BookEnding Spring !! EEEK!! πŸŽ‰

This was April 2nd’s prompt by our lovely host Jayati (Apr 1st-3rd) — Prompt page, her post

Pre-scheduling and organizing your blog ft. mood blogging Β 
How to keep track of your blog and be on schedule and not miss posting + tips for mood bloggers. How do you keep track/schedule and organise your blog?

I personally like to have a mix of both; Unlike some bloggers, I don’t plan the whole month ahead of time.. When making the next month’s Bujo pages, i’d do my “blogging spread” by putting down which dates my posts needs to be (writting down the date of each sundays, mondays and thursdays of the month)

Just to give you an idea in case my explaining is confusing xD Usually totalling aroung 13/14 posts.

First thing I fill up, as you can see, is my buJo post that we know is always the last post of the month. Next, i’ll put if I have some memes’ whose prompt interrests me, or if i’m participating into Blog tours where i’m having a specific posting date.

Afterward, it’s basically just a “whatever I want” from there x) Of course, I check this page quite frequently and make sure I have something planned before said date; i’m usually a stressed beans whenever I don’t have anything the day before..

I always keep note of all my ideas from the other months aswell, so I can always flip back and see what kind of ideas i’ve gotten and if i’m feeling like writting about it; or checking the tags i’ve saved/been tagged to use them.

Some months this fills up pretty quickly! Inspirations may come to me alot, or we are having an event of some kind (like Bookending Winter, for exemple), or my reading get really well so I schedule my reviews in the holes from when I finish the book – I try to not put it too far from the date I finished it as much as I can, unless I have a specific date of publication (ex; I finished Fierce Fragile heart on the 12th, but published on the 26 – so I choosed to put it closes to the pub. date on the 25th as it was a thursday).

That’s generally all that I do ! If I feel like writting down something but don’t know where to place it just yet, I open up a post to write it and let it sit in draft.. I’ll later revisit it and modify/post it if needed. I also like to keep my undone reviews of the books i’m reading in my drafts, just so I can update it as i’m going through the book and thus I don’t forget anything important that I wanna say.


33 thoughts on “Pre-Scheduling & organizing VS Mood blogging

  1. I’m definitely like you when it comes to planning! I put down some of the major things I need to post on my Google Calendar, and with all the empty space, I just fill it in randomly based on what I’m feeling. I think it’s great to have that flexibility with some concrete ideas just to be safe too ❀

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  2. Thank you so much for doing my prompt!
    ANd well, noting down inspirations is definitely something I need to work on… I get them at the weirdest time and forget them so…
    Also, noting your notes about a book on WP itself is a great idea… thanks for putting it in my head!

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    1. No problem! Talking about that i need to start my review now im halfway *aherm* – it saves so much time! All you need to do is edit once finished one last time and schedule!! Works like a charm 😊
      Oh yeah xd i do that too.. i try to either hold onto it OR write it down on whatever I can to throw in my pocket\phone so I can transcribe it later

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  3. I was a mood blogger all this time but having blog posts organized is so much better time management wise. I keep my ideas on google sheet tho (tried to put my ideas into a small notebook before but it didn’t work because my handwriting sucks so bad to the point that even I couldn’t read it lol)

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    1. im not sure how id do with a spreadsheet.. I honestly havent tried but I feel like the paper is more effective for me. that’d be totally the kind of thing i’d use maybe for a couple of days and leave it behind and forget XD

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  4. Laurie

    I think it’s actually a good idea to draft a bookhaul post and update it throughout the month. Now I always write that close to the publish date, but sometimes they take forever to write, especially with the clickable images. You also reminded me about the fact that I still need to write my reviews for All Your Perfects and The Queen’s Rising……

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    1. ahah, no problem!
      mmhmm! My bujo post is one I keep in draft too as I like to start it quite early (take me ~2hours to write?) so I can update it quickly through the month if something major happened, and to take a later photo of my habit.


  5. So organised! I wish I were this organised. Lol. I try to write my posts at least two days in advance so that I don’t have to stress on the days they go up, but that’s not been happening for the last couple of weeks. Whoops? Haha.

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  6. I try to plan like week ahead. I don’t have enough ideas to schedule a month at the time. I’d like to have that talent but alas I do not. I start with memes too and then add few free days in case I have finished my current read. After that I mostly do lists since I suck with discussion posts.

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  7. jess @ crowing about books

    That’s actually really organized and a good idea to write it all down and schedule on paper. I just have a pile of 20 drafts at the moment haha help

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  8. Oh boy did I need this post. I am so very bad at all things organizing 😦 thank you for putting this together. I mean even if you want to change things around you can but at least you can change it. Thanks for this!

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    1. Yay, no prob xx
      Oh it did happened before ! Im not sure what the reason was anymore, but I decided I wanted to publish something earlier than something else so I just switched it on the sheet AND in my scheduled posts

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      1. Yeah that is about to happen right now BUT it feels so good to do that instead of being in a place where I’m scrambling for to figure out content! The only problem is I’ve fallen behind in my reading. How do you balance both?

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        1. Right ? I think so too !
          Well. I’m one to read more right before im “supposed” to sleep, or in some instances (because I like to do too much things and run out of time xD) on my 30mins break at work. Sometimes it ends up being just a few pages during daytime but.. few pages is better than nothing, eh ? I’m trying to get better in term of reading daytime

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