We were beautiful ~ Heather Hepler ☆ Review

**Disclamer: I did received this book via NetGalley. This had in no way, shape or form affected my opinion on it.**

This novel took me quite the time to finish, apologizing for being so late of the publication date! I just had to finish a book before this one and well.. I got my e-copy ~4days before publication 😅 i’m not that fast ahah.. but alas, here it is ! better late than never, eh?

Publication date; April 2nd, 2019

Goodread’s page

4 / 5 stars
Trigger warnings; Trauma, Abuse


Though the story is developing quite slowly and read more like her day to day working at the kitchen while staying with her grandmother without us actually discovering the entirety of what happens (bits here and there- we know its a car crash, her sister is dead and she have a big scar on her face… aswell as Mia blaming herself for the wrong turn her family took) – I kinda like this!

With the little pieces we get every so often, I was quite eager to find the big picture and what actually happened. Is it that bad that what she thinks? Is she really to blame??

The friendship between Mia & Fig’s friends, aswell as the Relationship between the Brunelli family is really well made! Every one within the circle of friends are all broken in their own way, while always supporting each other! Wether it’s through a bad news, or just sharing their love of art. As for the Brunelli’s, they strongly believe that family is family no matter what happens, and are truly a sign of unconditional love; going as far as adopting Mia as one of theirs.

Though the novel in itself isn’t about the abuse or trauma in itself, it is about how each person may grieve differently; Not only Mia, but all of Fig’s friends have something to grieve of… And how it’s okay to keep on living, aswell as open up to others and turning towards the future.


« What Fig is going through matches what I was starting to believe. Deep down, everyone has something ugly or dark or painful. Maybe all we need to do is talk about all of it. »



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