Trying to Control the Social Media Chaos

Finally hopping in for my second post in our Bookending Spring event!

This one is April 11th prompt, imagined by Charvi πŸ’•Β (hosting from Apr. 11-14) — The prompt page, her post

Trying to Control the Social Media Chaos
Share some tips on how bloggers should go about using their social media accounts in an organized manner or tell us how you manage your accounts without dying of exhaustion! Or should one just leave the organization aside and let chaos reign?

Instead of giving you tips like our amazing host did, let’s go ahead and see how I manage my accounts instead!

Although we’ve seen how organized I am with my posting and such on the blog.. it is clearly not the case on my social medias πŸ˜‚Β The only thing really “planned” over there is my regular posts going live on all my acounts.


Firstly, i’m one to choose to not be on ALL the platforms;

Bookstagram, FB page and Linked In for my blog is just a no from me. I do have insta, but you’ll mostly see my two dachshunds on there instead of books – for the sole reason that I know i’ll get pissed by my lack of photography skills xD ending up overly sad and defeated over it.. having managed several pages on facebook before, I do know it hurts “un-profitable” pages quite a LOT and cut your reach to the point where if you’d want more out of it you’ll basically have to pay for “promoting” your content … which let it be said, is quite lame.

What about Linked In? well.. I don’t even know how to use it for myself as a person, so nevermind the blog πŸ˜‚


What platforms am I on?Β 

I’m mostly preoritizing Twitter and tumblr (well, and goodreads too if you count it.)

Not that I mind having people from my daily life to know about my blog, but thoses are one of thoses account where even If I mix both my personal and blogging- nobody from “real life” follows me on there. just for the sole reason I don’t know if anyone near me even uses thoses XD most probably not.

I basically just let the chaos reign. No planification needed, I just roam and scrolls my feeds.. mostly retweeting and commenting to people, sometimes even going ahead and write some things.


How about you ? Planification or chaos?
what are the social media that you use ?


16 thoughts on “Trying to Control the Social Media Chaos

    1. I feel like I do fail at that too πŸ˜‚ but then again I have lots of free time so πŸ€” but most time I use it unproductively like gaming or just.. doing nothing *aherm*


  1. Oh yes the best part is definitely to prioritize and choose your poison πŸ˜‚
    But yeah I like that you’re letting the chaos rule, sometimes that can work out great 😊 Love the post, thanks for participating!

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  2. Agreed. Great post. Everything is NOT for everyone. I have my blog, Twitter and LinkedIn. I had FB till about 6 months ago and has been on it for years but the toxicity became too much and dropped off altogether. I don’t regret it for a second. Because of my 15 years in education LinkedIn is second nature to me and I’ve built a network over 1500 (almost all hi level education connections) so it makes sense to post YA book reviews there. They like seeing them. I tried Instagram. The account is still there but it was too much work and I just don’t have the money for hard copy books and all the pretty stuff… and it didn’t bring any returns so I stopped that with a quickness. I’ve considered Pinterest since IG didn’t work but it is very overwhelming. And I have no clue how vlogging books works. I get how it works for TV… I listen to podcasts around GOT and the Walking Dead but books? I am not sure how that goes and I don’t think anyone would want to watch me! Lol So yeah! I am completely with you! It is ok not to do it all. It all isn’t for everyone. Being authentic is key and that means choosing what you feel is most comfortable to you.

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    1. Thank you!
      Pinterest is another one I have no idea what to do with it xD not that I was a fan of that website to begin with..
      but hey! As long as you enjoy and know what you are doing on thoses you chooses, good for you!

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