About us bloggers

What’s happening over here, you might ask?

Well- let me introduce myself and my partner now, shall I?


So my name is Kristina, a 24 years old canadian who’s main language is french, and I am the owner of this blog. I used to only blog about bookish stuff only but since my boyfriend Alex joined us over here in June of 2018 (which he posts two times per week; wednesday and saturday, same hour), I then decided to expend my reach to add blogging and video games aswell as any other little things I might wanna blog about.

**Be warned though, I still consider myself very much of a book blogger !**


I am working full time in a canadian coffee shop, and am owned by two stubborn dachshunds; Kafei and Sheik. Both standard smooth dapples, and yes, true brother and sister (though not from the same litter as he’s older than her by a year).

My posts, mainly about bookish things but may vary from what I am in the mood for posting, can be found on here on Sundays, Mondays and Thursdays at 9am eastern time. I can also be found on tumblr // bloglovin’ // and twitter (both a personal and blog’s account). I have a goodreads too if you fancy adding or following me over there!

In case you were curious, I go by eastern time as it’s easier for everybody; but we are actually in the atlantic time zone, or GMT-4.


Edited on October 10th, 2018