About the blogger(s)

Heyaa, welcome on my blog !

So, in case you didn’t knew that already, I am Kristina; a 23 years old Canadian blogger who’s first language is french. I am fully bilingual as I have been learning english in school since the 3rd grade, but I may get some blanks sometimes and what I say might end up confusing .. 😅​ I’ll be grateful if you wanna let me know when I don’t make sense or make any errors so I can correct myself (Please be nice about it, though!) 

I am a proud momma of two dappled dachshunds; a 4 years old male and a 3 years old female, which inspired the name of my blog ! However, I may not only post about books on here, as i’ve been thinking about writting open letters to myself or littles things like that. I am also a gamer, which i’ll shamely say that I do more of that than reading at times.. *cough*  I am a big player of nintendo games; mainly The Legend of Zelda, Pokemon, Animal Crossing, Harvest moon/story of season – but also Stardew Valley, Sims and prison architect (although yes, I’ll play other titles! just less often)

I first started book blogging over on tumblr in July 2017, and created this wordpress account in november of 2017. I still use both websites regularly; This WP blog has a schedule of posting Mondays, Thursdays and Sundays at 9am east* but I will continue to comment on other’s post aswell as reply to thoses on mine every day 🙂

I am present on mostly all social medias but you can find me on tumblr (booklr on link above, I also have two gaming ones and a personnal/main one. let me know if you’d like to know thoses), Goodreads, twitter, Bloglovin’ and instagram (this one is NOT a book related one, but this is the one i’ll follow bookstagrammers with.)
⇒ if a social media is not linked here, it is because a) I don’t have it, or b) it is personnal and you shall ask me for it; as of which I reserve myself the right to give it or not.


* My timezone is atlantic canada, so GMT-4. However, since not many people know about it, specially americans, I just use the Eastern timezone as it is only 1hour behind me and it end up being easier for everybody !


♥ Since July 5th, 2018 my boyfriend Alex officially joined us ! He’s a fellow gamer and will mostly post about anime/manga on Wednesday and Saturdays on the same hours as my posts.