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My Halloween!!!!!

So this post is going to be about my Halloween! So I’m going to talk about Halloween growing up, what I think of it now, what I’m being this year, etc, etc. So if you are ready then let’s get started!!!

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What spooky creature are you ?

Here it is, my 13th #blogoween post !! I’ve officially accomplished level one !!

This Quizz is by Sophia @ Bookwyrming Thoughts, feel free to hop onto her blog and do it aswell ! lots of fun 😉

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30 spooky Halloween Questions Tag!!

Heey !

Haven’t done much tag since we’ve been in #blogoween, eh ? I actually had tried to write a made-up something for a haunted sexshop “legend” but ehhhh.. didn’t worked as planned so have this instead while I think of something 😂

So I found this on @MadameWriter‘s blog ! And I kinda liked it so knowing me, I stole it. We will be doing things a bit different here, as I have Alex with me and we will be answering together !! [So; K for myself, and A for him] Continue reading “30 spooky Halloween Questions Tag!!”

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My halloween Costume // Cosplay

Good morning !

I am still not sure if i’ll change costume or not, though I can’t dress up as I’m working and don’t have any party or anything to dress up for 😂 but let me show you last year’s costume !

I’d also really want to go into cosplaying; but i have no talent to even make my own costume and stuff, but I got myself some props to go with my costume.. counts, right?

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My Ghost Encounter

Okay, so this story is 100% true and happened about 5 years ago when I was living back home with my parents, which is 1500km away from where I currently live. This story is about a ghost encounter I had that scared the ever living life out of me and I still vividly remember this happening to this date. So if you are ready, then let’s get started.

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Would you rather ; Halloween Edition 👻

Hey !

Do you remember that Lauren @ Northen Plunder tagged me for a Micro review ? Well i’m finally doing it !

Back in the days, it was a tumblr tag thingy hosted by Melanie (The Library of Mars) and Allie (Hexen Librarian) — I don’t actually remember if I had done it, but I saw it floating on my booklr for sure ! Long story short, the meme has been brought onto WordPress now; every second and forth mondays of the month.

You can go onto Allie’s blog to see the prompts ; either doing them in order or backward, you shall decide. Today we will be doing October 22th one, so Would you rather, version Halloween !

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