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Books i’ve picked up because of my Mental Health

When picking up a book, we usually enjoy seeing the characters being in the same shoes as we are, or so we can relate to that character in a way or another.

For many of us, this means finding books that have a rep for whichever mental illnesses we may have; which was my case ! In case you were wondering, mines are all around Anxiety and Depression. Both of which I have been profesionally diagnosed with.

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Indigo Chapters Book Haul !

Hello !

So, I finally got the chance to use the $50 giftcard I’ve got for christmas ! When you work 3-9pm.. you don’t quite have the time 😅 and if it wasn’t for mom pulling me out, I would’ve taken way more time too ! hah..

The major problem when you are a book blogger is that you have SO MUCH choice, but so little funds *aherm* .

Before starting.. just look at this tiny book!! You can’t really see much, but it was only the height of my hand !! I’ve never seen thoses before! 

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My opinion on; reading reviews !

Good Morning !

Haven’t we talked about reviews on here before ? Yes we did !

However, if we recall, it was about my #UnpopularOpinions about writing them.. Not really about reading them 😉 Which is exactly what I wanna converse more in dept with y’all today !

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Bookending Winter, Bookish ☆

Fireside Favorites / Best reads of 2018 !

bookending winter“Favourite reads of 2018 that I recommend picking up to pass the time whilst snuggled in with a hot coco next to the fire.”

I have read some wonderful books this year! However; my best reads is not necessarely thoses with the best star-rating, but rather thoses who have stuck into my brain and i’m still thinking about constantly.
*this list is not in any particular order*

[This was Lauren @ NorthenPlunder‘s prompt for December 9th]

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Author's interview, Blog tours

Blog Tour ||Can you hula like Hilo Hattie? ~ Tyler Colins (+ Interview)

Good morning!

How exciting, my second blog tour ! I had intended to do a review for this like I had done for my first one, but sadly my November had been quite sluggish so that has been impossible for me (I promise to do it at later date !).

I have then prepared an author interview for you all, today!

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Bookending Winter, Bookish ☆

Dear Santa …🎁

bookending winterDear Santa, I’ve been good this year and all I want for Christmas this year are books…. 

So I usually ask for Indigo Chapters gift cards, because it’s so much easier to buy it myself than get books you haven’t really wanted, right?

I had put giftcards on my list this year too, but I actually put one book aswell ! Let’s find out which one i’d like ;

 [This prompt was Anthony’s @ Keep reading forward, for the 2nd of December.]

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Is horror books not for me?

Good morning !

If you remember correctly, while in #blogoween I had done a similar post before; However i’d want to come back to this as upon posting the first one I didn’t had read any of that genre – while now I did !

So let’s converse about horror books, and if I think it’s a genre I wanna read more of.

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