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Why do I personally DNF books ?

DNF – meaning “did not finished”, the art of starting a book and purposely choosing not to continue any longer and therefore, not seeing how the book will end.

As many other people in our community, I was first on the fence about Dnf-ing. I didn’t even knew that was a thing before I join book blogging – It had just never crossed my mind that one could just put a book down to never picking it up again.

I still feel a bit iffy about doing so, for my own self rather than “I owe it to the author’ kind of thing, in some particular cases it is just needed.

So why do I feel the need to not continue a book ?

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Un-Hauling books ?

Good morning, bookish friends!

As a long time reader, that’s something I actually never done before; Un-hauling books. So far, I had only received some from my godmothers, who love to un-haul her own after she read them once and thus bring them to me to read and do watever I want with them afterward.

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Why do I love rereading books?

rereading books; some like it, while some don’t.

We will have many different point of view on this, and many different opinions. Which all of them are totally fine. If you’ve been here for a while already, you’d know it’s something I actually love to do and that I have always done since the very beginning of my reading path and will probably continue doing for all the rest of time.

But why do I love it so much ??

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” Old ” books i’d love to reread !

Heey !

As most of you know already, I have been a reader since as far as I can remember ; as I was introduced to this lovely hobby of ours in my very young days. Therefore, my shelves have LOTS (though way less than i’d like ahah) of books I once read, loved, and would like to go revisit again and hopefully have it reviewed on here someday !

So let’s hop onto this and let me share them with you 😘


Word of warning; as I only read in french back in the days, they are french copies that may or may not have an english equivalent, and I shall resume it in english for you if it’s the case; otherwise the goodread link shall be provided.
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Fantasy; a new love?

Good morning!

You may look at this and think; «What? I thought you were not into the fantasy reading !!», which is true, but lately i’ve found myself loving the fantasy genre i’ve been having two review requests for and *gasp* both of them were part of a serie !! So how about we talk a little more about thoses 🙂

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Buddy reads – Yay or Nay ?

Buddy read ; the act of reading a book simultaneously as one or more other person. A deadline might be placed to have read a specific part of the book by that date so discussion can take place.


Heey guys !

Have you ever buddy read with someone else before ?
I did – Me and a US friend both read “the state we’re in“, by Adele Parks. But she read it in english, while I did in french.

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