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End of January, Start of February !

We are already at the end of the first month of 2019 !

I gotta say .. compared to December, January was kinda “merh” on my side 🙊  so i’m kinda happy this month is coming to an end (though a rather good one for reading, nonetheless!) and February is bringing quite a few events for us aswell, that we’ll discuss later :3

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End of December, Start of 2019 💫

We’re there, folks !!

2019 is RIGHT THERE, we can almost touch it !
Happy “early” New year everyone, I wish you all the best; love, happiness and everything you may want. 💜  Let’s this year be a wonderful year.

Now’s the time to check what I have done this month and what I planned for our very first month of 2019, January.

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End of November, Early December 🎁

December, the start of my birthday month..

for some reasons, I did my Bullet Journal super early this month.. Which I did write with one of my new gel pens I got from the dollar store some time last month. Not as “runny” as my fancier ones I got from our canadian brand barnes and nobles (indigo chapters), but still smudged a bit if not let dried a bit. I also tried some different things for this next month.

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How I use my BuJo & Pros / Cons

Good morning,

If you are like me, you might be wary of actually starting a Bullet Journal even though you’d want to; just because you aren’t sure of what you could do with it.. Well! As I do some little things a bit differently (specially in my weekly spreads), I wanted to generally say what I do in mine so maybe it will give you the extra push and help you seeing what you could do in yours !

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End of October, Start of November

The start of a new month, yet again ! This year as gone so fast we only have 2months left to 2018.. wow. “Soon” i’ll be celebrating my 24th birthday.. 😥

As last month we were celebrating #Blogoween here on the blog, that’s why my Bujo post has been postponed to today; As I was needing 13 posts of Halloween, which is now completed !

If you’d wanna see all #blogoween posts from myself and Alex, i’d invite you to hover the “blogging” Category on the top of the blog, and you’ll find a “#Blogoween”. You can click on it and there they will be !

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End of September, Early October 🍂

Heeya !

Eeeeek, Blogoween is more near than ever; and I am so pumped to be participating in this. Shoutout to all the nice hosts who’s giving us some prompt ideas because guys.. I don’t think I could come up with much, ahaha. As you’ve seen in my Oct. tbr, i’ve chosen some books in themes so my reviews can count – and I have a fall tag saved so far, but I think the rest shall be blogoween prompts, I heart characters prompts, and I wanna do a micro review too as Lauren tagged me in one this month. Oooh but you might see the start of my creepy pasta reviews !! Would be the idea month to start them, wouldn’t it?

Before Blogoween though, let’s see how my September went, shall we?

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End of August, early september ..

Good morning everyone.

Here we are, a month passed us by again- along with the summer! Let’s face it it’s not really a change for me so to speak as sadly I didn’t got any summer holiday ahah; however, Alex do start college next week so one more thing we need to juggle with😪

How was your summer ? over here it was just .. way too hot. we reached many heatwaves upping 40°C + every times so eh. Not for me, i’ll happily take the autumn fresh air anytime now !

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