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End of September, Early October 🍂

Heeya !

Eeeeek, Blogoween is more near than ever; and I am so pumped to be participating in this. Shoutout to all the nice hosts who’s giving us some prompt ideas because guys.. I don’t think I could come up with much, ahaha. As you’ve seen in my Oct. tbr, i’ve chosen some books in themes so my reviews can count – and I have a fall tag saved so far, but I think the rest shall be blogoween prompts, I heart characters prompts, and I wanna do a micro review too as Lauren tagged me in one this month. Oooh but you might see the start of my creepy pasta reviews !! Would be the idea month to start them, wouldn’t it?

Before Blogoween though, let’s see how my September went, shall we?

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Kristina's BuJo

End of August, early september ..

Good morning everyone.

Here we are, a month passed us by again- along with the summer! Let’s face it it’s not really a change for me so to speak as sadly I didn’t got any summer holiday ahah; however, Alex do start college next week so one more thing we need to juggle with😪

How was your summer ? over here it was just .. way too hot. we reached many heatwaves upping 40°C + every times so eh. Not for me, i’ll happily take the autumn fresh air anytime now !

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Kristina's BuJo

End of July, Early August 💛

Heey !

We are in the middle of summer, yaay … has it been hot enough yet? x) Fellow canadians don’t yell at me, Iknow cold will be back soon enough but I just cannot stand the heatwaves. Plus, my medication makes my body overheat faster and slight sun allergy makes my skin reddish spotted.

aanyhow, Time to check what my Bujo looks like again ! yaaay !

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End of April, Start of May

Well, time just flew by our head .. didn’t it ?

May is right around the corner, so it’s time for me to show you what I made for the next month and what has been happening this past month! Along with giving some love to the posts I really loved around the blogosphere.

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End of march, early April Bujo 📝

heey, happy first of April ! ♥

I asked you all if you would like to see more of my BuJo in my post where I told ya i’ve been finally starting one (xx), and many of you told me you were all as excited to see them as I was to write them. yaay !

What I am thinking of doing; I will first show you my habit tracker to see how I’ve been doing this month, i’d share some “big things” that happened along the month, aswell as share a few posts in the community that i’ve seen while bloghopping this month & really loved ! That way i’d get to give some love, blabble a bit and only show you one page; as the weekly spread, for exemple, can end up quite personnal and not really as interesting to share ? I will afterward go ahead and show you what I have done for the next month !

Sounds good? let’s start then !

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