Chit Chat Thursdays

Open letter to the bookish community ..

Hello my people !

I’ve been book blogging for a year now (on the tumblr counterpart) and on here for 5months already. I know it may seems kind of odd as it’s not what you are used to on my blog, but I felt the need the write an heartfelt and open letter to you all, in this bookish community.

If you aren’t used to the concept; it’s basically me writing a letter publicly, on this blog, which is destined to the entirety of the community in this instance.

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Chit Chat Thursdays

Chit Chat Thursdays; 200s already ??

Heey guys !!

Yeah, I know, I did one of thoses only two weeks ago – i’m sorry, I wasn’t planning of having this as “religiously” but eeeeh .. I love blabbing 😂 and I have things I wanna share with y’all !!

I’m hoping you love this category of posts as much as I love talking about different things 💗

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Chit Chat Thursdays

Chit chat thursdays ; busy week & new piercing ..

Hello my lovely people !

Nothing too fancy today, please escuses me ! This last week (Feb 18 to 24) was quite busy at work for me 😅 My boss was in vacation so my hours had increased – leaving me only two days off and I didn’t really had much ideas in term of posts… and will leave the tag Camilla @ readers in the attic tagged me on for next week as I had quite alot recently ahah. Gonna give you guys a break :p

So ! let’s have a little chat and see what i’ve been up to !
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Chit Chat Thursdays

100 followers ?! // Chit Chat Thursdays ♥

Hello all my lovely people !!

Im sorry, I’ve been quite sick for this past week or so and I don’t have any in dept ideas for the moment.. 😅 So I thought to add a little category here, which can almost replace “myself”, but I thought we could have littles “Chit Chat Thursdays” once in a while where I’d tell a bit what’s going on, Arc’s i’ve gotten, where I am in my books, etc. etc.. What do you think ? :3

A bit different of my discussion posts, as here we will be talking of pretty much all kinds of stuff at once, who might not even be related together .. xD One of many ways to get to know and interact with each others ❤

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