Off topic sunday

Are bloggers pushing themselves too hard ?


Another Sunday where we will be taking the “Off topic” into a blogging related conversation rather than anything bookish. This is NOT only for us book bloggers, but all bloggers considered in our community.

So here’s the question I got wondering about lately;

« Are bloggers pushing themselves too hard ? »

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Off topic sunday

Let’s chat Sunday; June 17th

Helloo my people !! 

So something a little more “off topic” for today, I felt like I wanted to chat a little and take things a bit more relax 🙂 I feel like it’s been a while since I really sat down and updated you guys, ahah 

Today is also Father’s day in Canada ! So if I have any dads stumbles upon this.. happy fathers’ day to you. Is it the same where you are in the world also, or is yours a different day ? (like I know mother’s day is..)

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Off topic sunday

A Special Sunday ! 💚

Hello my loves, I am very pleased to write you this post in particular!

Iknow what you may think; « But, Kristina !! You just posted an off-topic sunday last week to talk to us .. what is that for ? »

Why yes, indeed, I did. But today, as you can see with my picture, is a very special day for me, my friends and my family. In fact, two (2) very special and happy event is happening on this day. So allow me to put a bracket on my usual book blogging to present you my story, and explain what and why today is so important in my life.  Continue reading “A Special Sunday ! 💚”

Off topic sunday

Off Topic Sunday; Let’s talk ❤

Hello my lovely readers ..

I had originally planned another conversation posts for you today, but I wasn’t quite feeling like writing it; instead, I will use one of my off-topic sundays to just being chatty with y’all. (#SorryNotSorry.. heheh..)

And since it’s one of thoses weeks where we have three (3) posts in a row with my addition of sunday posts AND the international bloggers meme along to usual monday posts, I thought it would be a nice thing to do today!

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Off topic sunday

Things I wished they’d had told me 😥

Hey there !

As promised, here’s the “Off Topic Sunday” post as I skipped the internationnal blogger meme this week since I already did that prompt earlier as I messed up a bit x)

I’ve saw a few do this kind of post of what life has learned us, that well.. I kinda wish someone would had told me ! I may only be 23years old but damn I saw quite alot, so let me share those with you. Hopefully some younger readers can benefit from what i’ve learned !

PS; they’re not listed in any order, just as they came through my head while writting them

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Off topic sunday

What anxiety doesn’t want you to know.. 😔

Hey there my lovelies!

So, upon looking at this post’s title, you might be a little lost.. why would I post about this right now? Well.. I wanted to post you another off topic sunday, yet I wasn’t quite sure if I wanted to speak about this or to do a “all about my dachshunds 2.0”. And then I falled on a post talking about what anxiety really feels like .. and it gave me the push needed to wanting to reach out and pour my soul onto this post.

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