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Winter Activities! What I do during the cold months

When there is snow on the ground, when it’s freezing or below freezing outside and when you can go skating on ponds. This is just a little post on what activities I do during the winter!

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“Un-usual” Anxiety effects

‘Morning !

Now that you got all the infos needed in my “mental health tag” that I’ve posted yesterday, I want to share the little things anxiety can do to you that isn’t talked about enough. Of course, anxiety and other mental illnesses can affect people in many different ways; This is how if personally affected my body.

For the records; one happened before I was even diagnosed so we had no idea what was happening, while the other one was shortly after I was medicated I believe (so my body was still adapting to the meds)

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Why I work out – My Story

So today is going to be more of a personal post. Let you guys know a little more about me. Today is going to be about why I started working out.

Well if I’m going to tell you why I started working out I’m going to need to go back about 6 years ago when I was 350~lbs. So if you are ready, let’s get started!

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Why post-secondary education is overrated| My experience

**Disclaimer; I am not bashing against thoses educations in this post. I have a college diploma myself, and have nothing against it — Just a reminder that being a so-call “drop-out” or having “unnecessary” diploma isn’t a shame and is totally fine. I am also sharing my own story.**


This post actually came alive at work; for thoses of you who just stumbled around here – I am currently working as a Barista in a canadian brand’s coffee shop while having successfully completed an accounting college diploma in 2014.

Myself and my coworker was talking about how her uni courses was hard to manage along with working with us and at some point I said I had the diploma. Her response? «Wtf you doing here, then??».

People are so quick to judge as it’s nowadays society’s norm to have post-secondary education, So i’ve wanted to share my story. College or uni might not be for everyone; always keep your mind open.
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Let’s chat ~ November 8th

Good morning,

I know, i love to call thoses types of “chatty” posts the same way… *aherm* and forgive me to not having the strenght to get anything else posted for y’all today

I just wanted to update you on a few things, bookish and not, as it’s been quite a while since the last time!

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