"Bookish Throwback Thursdays"

Bookish Throwback Thursday

Hello my lovely bookworms !!

I saw this about two weeks ago, but we are finally jumping on this train of a rather new weekly meme (every thursdays) created by the amazing Erin @ bluestockingbookworm.

Feel free to go check out the first post of this meme I saw, so the one from 2weeks ago, but know there will be one every week where you can add the link up to yours directly onto her post for that week ! [Here’s the last one]

There’s no specific prompts for right now (we might get some if it gets popular !) but in short here what can be posted;

° A past review that you now found horrible
° Something you were reading t last year or years ago on this date
° A book you read 5+ years ago that might get a reread
° Something else you can think of along thoses lines .. 

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