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Micro Brew ; Favorite(s) Underrated

Heey !

So as sadly the first prompt wasn’t giving me much to answer personally, we shall hop on today for the second prompt of Micro Brew Favorites (February 18th) – Talk about your favorite underrated or lesser known book. A book you never see anyone talk about or you think has fallen to the wind. One that you just keep recommending and no one ever follows through reading.


What’s Micro Brew?;
This was created by my friend Melanie / The Library of Mars. We would do this on Tumblr, back when that was my only reviewing platform. I’ve been wanting to do something more on my blog because my reviews are as unpredictable as my reading habits. I thought this would be a fun way to promote something that you love. It’s also been re-branded from “Micro Review” to “Micro Brew” because of some confusion and to fit with my blogs overall theme.I will be posting the prompts on the first day of the month and answering them on the first and third Mondays of the month (anytime in between will be good times to post as well).
[from Allie’s blog]

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"Micro Brews", #Blogoween

Would you rather ; Halloween Edition 👻

Hey !

Do you remember that Lauren @ Northen Plunder tagged me for a Micro review ? Well i’m finally doing it !

Back in the days, it was a tumblr tag thingy hosted by Melanie (The Library of Mars) and Allie (Hexen Librarian) — I don’t actually remember if I had done it, but I saw it floating on my booklr for sure ! Long story short, the meme has been brought onto WordPress now; every second and forth mondays of the month.

You can go onto Allie’s blog to see the prompts ; either doing them in order or backward, you shall decide. Today we will be doing October 22th one, so Would you rather, version Halloween !

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