Review guide & policy

Disclamer; All of my reviews will be my own & honest thoughts only. I might (and probably will have) a different opinion than a majority of other readers, and it’s okay if you don’t feel the same as me. Just please be nice about it if you wanna discuss ! 🙂


° First and foremost, you shall know that I will probably never review anything 1 or 2 stars; as I take alot of time to choose which books I wanna buy/loan as I wanna make sure I would like it. For some books, I would pick it up and read the back over 4times before actually taking it. In the same train of thought, if I DNFed a book as I didn’t liked it, I just won’t write a review.

° 3 stars will be given for books that I liked but nothing more; that it was a bit eh. Either I had problems with seeing myself in the characters, the writting didn’t got my imagination working alot, it wasn’t what I expected, etc ..

° For 4 stars reviews, however, I would had really LOVED the book. But as a person who likes to read books more than once, this rating is for thoses whom I loved, but im not quite sure if I would pick it up again and re-read; kind of a one-time book kind of things.
**This rating might change in the long run if I turn out to be wrong and feel like picking it up and read it again, who knows.**

° 5 stars books are one of thoses that made my mind go « !!!!! », loving it to death and recommanding it to every one I can and will Definately pick up and read again in the future !

For me to like a book, it’s important that said book is able to make me feel things (sad, happy, and/or love) and to relate or atleast see a bit of myself in main character’s actions/opinions.

review policy ;

I will prefer e-books transferable to my “kindle app” on my phone and/or my kobo – a printed copy will be loved, but know I reside in Canada. Audiobooks will be considered, but however I don’t have something to play it on quite yet, so if you can provide me a simple & not too costy way to; I am up for it. I mostly read in french, but I am currently growing my horizon to read in english aswell.

I am a slow reader, so depending where I am in my current book when I get a request; it might take up to 3months approx. for me to begin reading it. If I don’t have more arc’s that will publish soon (in the next month) that I shall get on to, I will move to your book after I am done reading my current read. Updates can get sent to you via email to state when I started reading or if you wanna know when I get to the middle/etc. of your book, just let me know if you’d like to !

I usually post my review on here the day I finished the book (I don’t like to schedule thoses, so they go beyond my posting schedule; unless something is already planned or you tell me you want it on a specific day). I start my review as I am going in my reading – I only need to add the final touches and I can publish ! I then take a “shorter” version of it to post on my Goodreads, with a link to my full review on here. It also post automatically on my tumblr as my post here goes live.The shorter version can also be put onto a selling website (mostly Indigo chapters as I don’t buy anything off amazon and a specific amount is needed before being able to leave reviews).

* You can read my review format here; on my post how I do my reviews

I like to read books with mentions of mental health (#ownvoice or not), YA, NA, romance, contemporary, Chick-lit, thrillers / mystery and Paranormal (mostly ghosts & demons and such). I prefer fiction, unless it’s ghost’s real stories, and won’t read anything historical, fantasy (I find thoses are hard for me to imagine and I get lost in them) nor biographies, and will rarely go for classics.

I can be reached at my email; I give myself the right to not post a review & stop reading if I do not enjoy the book – as I don’t give a review under 3 stars. You will be notified by an email if I do stop reading; however if you haven’t heard of me in a couple days upon first engaging, you can assume i’m not interrested. To save us both some time, i’d ask you to give me as much information on the book as you can so I can take a proper decision.