Review guide and policy

Review guide;

  • I am quite generous with my stars, i know. But this is my opinion and mine only!
  • My reviews are based on 5stars.
  • 3 or 4 stars are books that I loved, when however weren’t too crazy about or wouldn’t reread. A 5 stars is basically my new favorite book that i’ll keep talking about for centuries and will most probably reread.
  • Be aware that a 4 stars may be as good as a 5 stars rating; and yes, A 5 / 5 stars can still have flaws.
  • It is to my discretion to do “DNFed” or unfinished book review, though thoses might not be as often as higher stars rating
  • My reviews will now include both of my speaking languages (english and french) when the book appears in both; if only one of the two is available, it’s to my discretion to have it bilingual or not. For french only books, I will inverse it to have the french written first, and the english coming after it in italic.


Review policy;

Current Status; Open! 


  • I am usually open for indie OR big press requests, though I do reserve myself the right to deny or to DNF any book that I choose to proceed on reviewing for an author.
  • Yes, if I end up DNFing your book for whatever reasons that it might be, you will be warned with a brief explanation as of why. If a print copy has been given, I shall not re-send it to you and will keep it. (Based in Canada)
  • You can look into how I formulate my reviews here; i shall keep my format, though some little changes here and there might be in effect.
  • Reviews will be posted on Goodreads and on this blog only! I will not post them onto amazon, be aware of that.
  • I will try my best to conform to any deadlines you may give me, but please be aware it will fluctuates depending how busy I am/how many I have on my list/etc.
  • My prefered genre are mostly YA, NA, thrillers, romances, contemporaries, and anything around mental illnesses. I am up to try anything if the synopsis interests me, but will not go for biographie or non-fictions that aren’t “ghost stories”.
  • Blog tours are a case by case upon my availability and interest in said book.
  • Please include as much information as possible (synopsis, publishing date & by whom, any pictures or informations you’d want me to use, etc.) — and I can be contacted via my email @ or through our contact page.
  • Upon sending your request, allow me a 24hours timeframe to reply. If I haven’t gotten back to you after that point, the chance that I will accept it is lower. Keep in mind that any messages that do not follow my guidelines will be deleted. 

**I prefer the .mobi files as it can be used with the kindle app; however, .pdf files are alright too if that’s only what you can offer. Please only send the file after I have agreed to review it. failure of this will have your request ignored and deleted. **


Edited on March 9th, 2019