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Tag | Am I a bad blogger ?

Hello my bookish people,

I’ve been feeling quite off and sick-ish lately .. it started with a throat hurting and it moved to what looks like a cold (in the middle of summer..) — and i’ve been feeling for doing a tag lately !!

I filled one of thoses that looks like a 2009 old fb note’s survey thing … but then doubted myself and deleted it 😂 So I went to search for another and found this more blogging related one over to @nosestuckinabook !

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« What if blogging was my full time job? »

As I was doing the opening at my store the last morning, and mostly had some cleaning done as it was quiet at that time, a question sprawn in my mind..

« What if blogging was a full time job? »

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Blog VS work, How do we juggle them?

Good morning!

Let’s have a little conversation today, shall we? As most of us work on our blogs as hobbies and do have to do an “actual” moneymaker job aswell, How do we all manage our time to do both?

** Just remember we all do it differently, and every ones is okay ! None of us have a “better” way than another blogger’s. As long as it works for you, that’s the important part ! **

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Off topic sunday

Are bloggers pushing themselves too hard ?


Another Sunday where we will be taking the “Off topic” into a blogging related conversation rather than anything bookish. This is NOT only for us book bloggers, but all bloggers considered in our community.

So here’s the question I got wondering about lately;

« Are bloggers pushing themselves too hard ? »

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Blogging slump, what are they ?

Everybody should know about what a “reading slump” is .. but what about blogging ones ?

Of course, we are all book lovers in here ! Though we do it purely by pleasures.. book blogging is more loving books on hard mode. ahah we get too excited sometimes, and end up with a pile of books to review; which is WAY too big for us alone .. 😂 And yet we do anyway.

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” Blogging is hard, why do you keep up with it? “

My fellow bloggers will know this, blogging is hard on the long run.

Sure, in some times, we have plenty of ideas and things just go SO smooth! However, blogging is not always a walk in the park.. Like writers do, we can get a “blogging block”; where everything feels just …too much. It’s frustrating, we don’t have post ideas, and just generally don’t feel we have the energy to in that period of time. for a variety of reasons.

Yet; if you’re one of us who like to stick to a blogging schedule, you’ll eventually suck it up and blog anyway.

Thoses who don’t understand our lifestyle will probably ask; « If it’s so hard and time consuming, Why are you still doing it?! »
Specially as most of us isn’t even paid for it*, and do it all with our own money – which is another thing they might not understand.

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