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What about “Creepy Pastas” ?

What is a creepy pasta?;
A creepy pasta is basically an urban legend that has been posted mainly on the internet. It can be a “regular” paranormal inducing story, or something out of a video game; one of the most popular would be Ben Drowned out of Legend of Zelda; Ocarina of Time. 

Good Morning!

It’s monday again, and on this fine monday we shall be talking “Creepy Pastas” ! I think I first discovered it back in 2012; One day that I was bored at the office I was alone working at, and thus I went ahead and read some creepy pastas for the first time myself. (I had heard of it before, of course, but it was my first time reading it)

If you are knowledgeble of it, r/No Sleep on reddit would also count as creepy pastas. Continue reading “What about “Creepy Pastas” ?”

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Grimoires’ Notes (Oct tbr part 2)

Happy sunday, everyone !

In case you haven’t seen my part 1 – please do go follow the link to give you an idea of what my tbr for October was, in the date of the end of September.

Today’s post is now Lauren’s last blogoween prompt, which is of course called “Grimoire’s notes”, which is basically an update on what you did read, what your thoughts was, and anything else you may wanna add. Feel free to go visit her post here.

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My local Urban Legends !

Good day, my lovelies !

This #blogoween prompt was an idea of Camilla @ readers in the attic; however I am somewhat making a twist, as the prompt is technically “Local supernaturals who demand a book” [link to her post right here]. From my research, we actually have books out that are some anthrologies collection of all of our Urban Legends in my canadian province of New Brunswick; thing is, I don’t believe it is available internationally.

So what I am gonna do is simply share them with you all 😘 I will do two stories today, as there’s a bunch; you can read them over here if you wanna find out more! Basically i’m gonna include one I was told growing up from my area, and one i’ve heard of after moving where I am right now !

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They got my back, or 5 characters i’d want by my side during Zombie Apocalypse!

Good morning !

That’s right, sticking with another #blogoween prompt today ; this time pinpoint on the right date and not late for once ! This prompt was imagined by Kaleena @ reader voratious ; you can see hers [here]. As you can tell by the title, today’s prompt is which 5 characters I would want in case of a zombie apocalypse!

Spoiler alert ; my characters will all be from my only two fantasy book i’ve read, aka “The Gilded King” by Josie Jaffrey and “Heavenward” by Olga Gibbs.

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Let’s talk about the horror genre, & what’s the best horror book ?

Blogoween has officially began!! 

To start this off onto the right foot, how about we have a conversation about the horror genre?! This is the start of the seasons for spooks and scarily jumping into our loved ones’ arms, after all, wether you prefer books or movies as media to get spooked.

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Blogoween tbr !! (Oct. tbr part 1)

Heey guys !!

October is so close I can smell it, and with it – so is blogoween !! aaah !! are you in yet? 😏 because you should.

With it being so soon now, I was thinking I shall give you my “To be read” for this event and thus, the month of October. I say “part one” as one of Lauren’s prompt, if you  had checked them, is called “Grimoire notes” – Which is kinda recap what you have read, your thoughts, rest of the tbr & etc. So I thought that would be my “part 2” where i’d go over how many I did read, some thoughts, which I wanna go for next, and other things I might wanna mention.

Sounds good? Here we go, then ! Continue reading “Blogoween tbr !! (Oct. tbr part 1)”


Bookblogger’s Blogoween 🎃

This. Is. Halloween. !! 


Okay, okay. Not yet. fine.

In case you didn’t knew yet, in the past few years i’ve had a grown love for Autumn and Halloween-y things. Well – Our love Chloe and a bunch of other book bloggers (Anthony, Kaleena, Camilla, Lauren, Jamsu, Anna, Sam & Sophie) decided we shall have like what we call “Blogmas”, which is mainly blogging until christmas, BUT for halloween !!

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