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30 spooky Halloween Questions Tag!!

Heey !

Haven’t done much tag since we’ve been in #blogoween, eh ? I actually had tried to write a made-up something for a haunted sexshop “legend” but ehhhh.. didn’t worked as planned so have this instead while I think of something 😂

So I found this on @MadameWriter‘s blog ! And I kinda liked it so knowing me, I stole it. We will be doing things a bit different here, as I have Alex with me and we will be answering together !! [So; K for myself, and A for him] Continue reading “30 spooky Halloween Questions Tag!!”

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Would you rather ; Halloween Edition 👻

Hey !

Do you remember that Lauren @ Northen Plunder tagged me for a Micro review ? Well i’m finally doing it !

Back in the days, it was a tumblr tag thingy hosted by Melanie (The Library of Mars) and Allie (Hexen Librarian) — I don’t actually remember if I had done it, but I saw it floating on my booklr for sure ! Long story short, the meme has been brought onto WordPress now; every second and forth mondays of the month.

You can go onto Allie’s blog to see the prompts ; either doing them in order or backward, you shall decide. Today we will be doing October 22th one, so Would you rather, version Halloween !

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The Silver Queen ~ Josie Jaffrey ☆ review

**Disclaimer: I did received a copy of this book from the author for review purpose. This has in no way, shape or form affected my opinion on it**

I reviewed the tome one; The Gilded king before, so feel free to go check it aswell.

It’s hard to say much without spoiling it as it follows the quest of the first one, of course, but basically it’s a “older” YA fantasy with vampires and Zombies living alongside humans in a post apocalyptic Europe.

Publishing date ; October 17th. Now available on Amazon (Self-published)

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What about “Creepy Pastas” ?

What is a creepy pasta?;
A creepy pasta is basically an urban legend that has been posted mainly on the internet. It can be a “regular” paranormal inducing story, or something out of a video game; one of the most popular would be Ben Drowned out of Legend of Zelda; Ocarina of Time. 

Good Morning!

It’s monday again, and on this fine monday we shall be talking “Creepy Pastas” ! I think I first discovered it back in 2012; One day that I was bored at the office I was alone working at, and thus I went ahead and read some creepy pastas for the first time myself. (I had heard of it before, of course, but it was my first time reading it)

If you are knowledgeble of it, r/No Sleep on reddit would also count as creepy pastas. Continue reading “What about “Creepy Pastas” ?”

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Grimoires’ Notes (Oct tbr part 2)

Happy sunday, everyone !

In case you haven’t seen my part 1 – please do go follow the link to give you an idea of what my tbr for October was, in the date of the end of September.

Today’s post is now Lauren’s last blogoween prompt, which is of course called “Grimoire’s notes”, which is basically an update on what you did read, what your thoughts was, and anything else you may wanna add. Feel free to go visit her post here.

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My local Urban Legends !

Good day, my lovelies !

This #blogoween prompt was an idea of Camilla @ readers in the attic; however I am somewhat making a twist, as the prompt is technically “Local supernaturals who demand a book” [link to her post right here]. From my research, we actually have books out that are some anthrologies collection of all of our Urban Legends in my canadian province of New Brunswick; thing is, I don’t believe it is available internationally.

So what I am gonna do is simply share them with you all 😘 I will do two stories today, as there’s a bunch; you can read them over here if you wanna find out more! Basically i’m gonna include one I was told growing up from my area, and one i’ve heard of after moving where I am right now !

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