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Birthday Book Tag ! 🎂

It’s my birthday today !! 👀 👀

ALMOST A quarter of century .. oh my ! I’m quite pleased that my birthday falled exactly on a thurday of all days so I can post this pinpoint on my birthday – yaay ! All. the. time. for some reason when I say my birthday is two days after christmas, people either guess the 26th or the 28th x) very few get it right .. [And if you are wondering what your girl is doing on her birthday … i’m working 3-9pm, merp. Atleast we have cakes I can pick for my snack hehehe..]

Anyhow, let’s move onto this tag, Shall we!

* I fished this tag (again) from Tiffany @ read by tiffany ! *

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The christmas blog tag! 🎄

Merry christmas’ eve everyone!! 😄

Thought it’d be fun to celebrate with a festive little tag, today! If you’d wondering what Alex is up to for christmas, you can read his post here!

** I found this tag over at Rosie’s @ rosiefrecklesreads **

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Book Reviews

Radio Silence ~ Alice Oseman ☆ Bilingual Review

Heey !

It’s been a while since I’ve been saying I wanted to read this book (atleast since I started blogging.. *aherm*), doubled with “it’s been a while” since i’ve read and reviewed a book IN PAPER!! 😅 As you can probably see in the picture, i’ve read it as «Silence Radio» in french; published in 2017 by “AdA inc”.

Ça fait un bout de temps que je dit que j’avais envie de lire ce livre (au moins depuis que jai starter le blog.. *aherm*), doublé d’un “ça fait un bout” depuis que j’ai lit et reviewer un livre DE PAPER!! 😅 Comme vous pouvez surement le voir dans la photo, je l’ai lit en tant que «Silence Radio» en français; publié en 2017 par “AdA inc”.

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Musical Shuffle Book Tag 🎵

Good morning !

Today we have a brand new tag, created by Becca @ BeccaLeighanne that I volunteered to play along (we all know how I love tags !)

The rules are simple enough; you put that ipod (or wtv you are using xp) on shuffle and pick between 5 to 10 songs, for which you need to say anything bookish that the song reminds you of — and No, no explanations are needed ! Of course you can, like i’m gonna do, but it’s up to you. In the end, you wanna tag between 5 and 10 people and voila !

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Bookending Winter, Bookish ☆

Fireside Favorites / Best reads of 2018 !

bookending winter“Favourite reads of 2018 that I recommend picking up to pass the time whilst snuggled in with a hot coco next to the fire.”

I have read some wonderful books this year! However; my best reads is not necessarely thoses with the best star-rating, but rather thoses who have stuck into my brain and i’m still thinking about constantly.
*this list is not in any particular order*

[This was Lauren @ NorthenPlunder‘s prompt for December 9th]

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Author's interview, Blog tours

Blog Tour ||Can you hula like Hilo Hattie? ~ Tyler Colins (+ Interview)

Good morning!

How exciting, my second blog tour ! I had intended to do a review for this like I had done for my first one, but sadly my November had been quite sluggish so that has been impossible for me (I promise to do it at later date !).

I have then prepared an author interview for you all, today!

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Bookending Winter, Bookish ☆

Dear Santa …🎁

bookending winterDear Santa, I’ve been good this year and all I want for Christmas this year are books…. 

So I usually ask for Indigo Chapters gift cards, because it’s so much easier to buy it myself than get books you haven’t really wanted, right?

I had put giftcards on my list this year too, but I actually put one book aswell ! Let’s find out which one i’d like ;

 [This prompt was Anthony’s @ Keep reading forward, for the 2nd of December.]

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