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Is horror books not for me?

Good morning !

If you remember correctly, while in #blogoween I had done a similar post before; However i’d want to come back to this as upon posting the first one I didn’t had read any of that genre – while now I did !

So let’s converse about horror books, and if I think it’s a genre I wanna read more of.

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Let’s talk about the horror genre, & what’s the best horror book ?

Blogoween has officially began!! 

To start this off onto the right foot, how about we have a conversation about the horror genre?! This is the start of the seasons for spooks and scarily jumping into our loved ones’ arms, after all, wether you prefer books or movies as media to get spooked.

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The reading deadlines VS what I really wanna read ..

Hello all !

Like a few of us have, I’ve been accepting/requesting way too many books in thoses past months and now struggle to finish them all. Which, i’d like to finish all thoses on “deadlines” before going to my real to be read shelf and go back to my printed books (as, internationnal oblige, all of thoses I got was e-books only.)

Let’s take a look onto what thoses are, shall we ?

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Do “DNF” count as finishing books ?

After publishing my DNF review of ghostheart, It made me think of something..

Do books we DNF should count in our books we have finished this year? 


It might be a wierd question, as it does say it “did not finished”; as in haven’t read it cover to cover, when however we are being done and won’t be reading it anymore and pass to another call.

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Un-Hauling books ?

Good morning, bookish friends!

As a long time reader, that’s something I actually never done before; Un-hauling books. So far, I had only received some from my godmothers, who love to un-haul her own after she read them once and thus bring them to me to read and do watever I want with them afterward.

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Why do I love rereading books?

rereading books; some like it, while some don’t.

We will have many different point of view on this, and many different opinions. Which all of them are totally fine. If you’ve been here for a while already, you’d know it’s something I actually love to do and that I have always done since the very beginning of my reading path and will probably continue doing for all the rest of time.

But why do I love it so much ??

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