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Do “DNF” count as finishing books ?

After publishing my DNF review of ghostheart, It made me think of something..

Do books we DNF should count in our books we have finished this year? 

It might be a wierd question, as it does say it “did not finished”; as in haven’t read it cover to cover, when however we are being done and won’t be reading it anymore and pass to another call.

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Why do I personally DNF books ?

DNF – meaning “did not finished”, the art of starting a book and purposely choosing not to continue any longer and therefore, not seeing how the book will end.

As many other people in our community, I was first on the fence about Dnf-ing. I didn’t even knew that was a thing before I join book blogging – It had just never crossed my mind that one could just put a book down to never picking it up again.

I still feel a bit iffy about doing so, for my own self rather than “I owe it to the author’ kind of thing, in some particular cases it is just needed.

So why do I feel the need to not continue a book ?

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